Joining - Year 7 information

Places for September 2018

Parents sometimes express concern about whether they will be able to obtain a place at Ralph Allen School.  We would like to reassure you about the admissions process.   Sometimes it may seem difficult and you might not be allocated a place in the initial allocation in March.  However, our Admissions Manager, Mrs Caroline Holden, manages the allocation process, working closely with the B&NES Admissions and Transport team, and does her best to ensure that you gain your place by the end of the process in May.

If Ralph Allen is your school of choice it is essential that you put us as first choice on your application form for a Year 7 place. When the first round of places are offered on 1 March if you are not successful in being offered a place at Ralph Allen School, please advise B&NES that you would like to go on the waiting list or would be willing to go to appeal if necessary. In the first week of May B&NES will make a second round of allocations.  A variety of factors inevitably results in more Ralph Allen places becoming available between March and August.  

For further information please speak to Mrs Caroline Holden, School Manager, tel 01225 838901;

Timetable for Secondary Co-ordinated Admissions for September 2018

1 March: first round of allocations made.

1 May: second round of allocations made

Late May/early June: Appeals are heard for any children who were unsuccessful in gaining a place.  The school did not have to contest any appeals for Year 7 places in spring/summer 2017 as parents had received the offers of places in advance.

May/June: Visits to pupils at their primary schools. As soon as all the visits to the local primaries have been completed, our transition team spend time allocating Houses and drawing up the tutor groups to ensure a fair mix of gender and ability.

Tuesday 3 July 2018: Year 6 Parents' Evening, providing an opportunity for parents to meet the tutor, senior staff and Principal.

Thursday 5 July 2018: New Students' Day.  All Year 6 children spend the day at Ralph Allen. They meet their tutor and tutor group for the first time; sample some lessons and experience moving around the school to change classrooms.  They also have a free lunch in the dining hall!


Planned Admission Number; late applications

The school has different Published Admissions Numbers for each year group.  These are currently as follows:

Year 7 – 240

Year 8 – 240

Year 9 – 210

Year 10 – 150

Year 11 – 180

All applications must be submitted to the child’s home Local Authority (LA) by the closing date of 31 October. Parents can either use their LA’s on-line application facility or can complete their LA’s common application form. After the closing date the Governing Body will be provided with details of all applications received.

Under the Bath & North East Somerset LA’s secondary coordinated scheme, any parents refused a place for the new Year 7 intake may ask for their child’s name to go on the waiting list where the name will remain until the end of the academic year. During that time, they would be re-considered by the governors under the admissions criteria for any places that may become available within the admission number and alongside any parents who have lodged an appeal or any later applications received. Please note, however, that children who are the subject of a direction by a LA to admit or who are allocated to the school in accordance with a Fair Access Protocol must take precedence over those on a waiting list.

Any late applicants should complete their home LA’s common application form as soon as possible. The Governing Body will be informed of any late applications received. Any supporting evidence as detailed in the above policy relating to Priority B or Priority E applicants should be sent to the school direct.

Tours of the school

We are delighted to arrange tours of the school on any day, preferably at 10am. Please email to book a place on a tour.

We are happy to advise on the admissions process when you visit, or by email or telephone.