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‘Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.’ Socrates

Ralph Allen School is above all a learning organisation. Everyone at Ralph Allen, staff or student, is a learner and we regard learning not as the transfer of knowledge, but as a process of inspiring the learner.

Teachers have a crucial role to play in inspiring learners, but we also recognise that inspiration comes also from other sources, including family and friends. Our aim is to bring about inspirational learning opportunities for students of all ages and our success can be seen by the fantastic results that our students achieve.

Key aims of the curriculum

  • To deliver excellent outcomes – in terms of results but also value for money
  • To meet the needs of all students – exciting, relevant, skills-based
  • To be inclusive
  • To be adaptable and innovative.

Our approach to learning is exemplified by our unique Wednesday Windows programme. This delivers a whole range of unique learning experiences for our young people, over which they have genuine ownership and choice.

John Chantry, Vice Principal

Further information

  • Learning at Ralph Allen School - an overview of the curriculum in all the Key Stages
  • Parents and students can access more specific and detailed information about the different subjects studied at Ralph Allen School using Frog - you will have been given a login/password for this, and there is a link at the top of every page
  • For any other information, please contact John Chantry via the Leadership Team Office.


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