Palladian Academy Trust

The Palladian Academy Trust was formed on 1 July 2016.  Partner schools joining Ralph Allen in the Trust are Combe Down CEVC Primary School, Widcombe Infant School, St Martin's Garden Primary School, Widcombe CEVA Junior School, Oldfield Park Infant School, Oldfield Park Junior School and St Philip's CEVC Primary School. 

The multi-academy trust (MAT) is a group of local schools created to enable each one to build on existing good practice and collaborative work, whilst preserving their distinctive ethos.

All the schools in the MAT have retained their original names, individual identities and school uniforms. In the future we might consider working with other secondary schools too.

We all believe that we have created something special in our Bath locality by using this structure. We believe that it is of benefit to our young people and our schools.

The key MAT values for a great education are:

We want to provide exceptional learning experiences for all in the Trust by:

  • Working in partnership within the community to achieve the best outcomes possible for learners;
  • Helping children to build the character to be confident, well-prepared and successful learners;
  • Nurturing the well-being of all;
  • Creating new pathways for the effective professional development of staff.

Why are we named the Palladian Academy Trust?  

The Palladian bridge in Prior Park is a local landmark. Since bridges connect people we felt this was a very appropriate emblem of partnership.

What is a multi-academy trust (MAT)?

A MAT is a group of schools governed by one trust and a single board of directors. The board is responsible for decisions relating to how each academy is run, from curriculum to staffing. The MAT can establish a local governing body for each of its academies, to which it can delegate some of its functions, although the MAT remains overall accountable.