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Name Date File Size Category  
Academy Funding Agreement 7th March 2013215 KB Academy Trust Download
Acceptable Use of IT Policy 7th June 2016185 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Admissions Policy 2018-19 4th April 2017234 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Anti-bullying Policy 27th June 2017425 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Articles of Association annex b 7th March 201356 KB Academy Trust Download
Articles of Association annex c 7th March 201381 KB Academy Trust Download
Articles of Association annex d 7th March 201347 KB Academy Trust Download
Articles of Association of Ralph Allen School 7th March 2013191 KB Academy Trust Download
Assessment Policy 4th April 2017102 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Attendance Policy July 2018 7th September 2018142 KB Policies & Procedures Download
BCC1 14 Oct 2014 minutes final and signed 30th January 20151 MB Governors Download
Behaviour Policy Feb 2015 9th April 2015184 KB Policies & Procedures Download
BET funding crisis letter 5th April 201767 KB General documents Download
Business Studies and Psychology Conference 27 MArch 2019 4th December 201882 KB Trips and visits Download
Candidate Consent Form 16th August 2016304 KB Examinations Download
Charging and Remissions Policy 2015 16 4th February 201681 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Child Protection Policy 2018-19 24th October 2018763 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Complaints and Concerns Procedure 4th April 2017255 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Conflicts of Interest policy updated March 2016 13th April 2016225 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Data Protection Policy 25th May 2018183 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Data Protection Privacy Notice for Primary pupils PAT 25th September 201857 KB Palladian Academy Trust Download
Data Protection Privacy Notice for Pupils 25th May 2018114 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Dealing with Allegations of Abuse made against Teachers, Other staff and Volunteers 27th March 2018184 KB Policies & Procedures Download
DES Action and Access Plan 20th April 201225 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Disability Equality Scheme 20th April 2012196 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Drugs policy July 2015 27th July 2015677 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Equalities Information and Objectives Policy 8th August 2017146 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Equalities Objectives 15th May 201751 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Examination Policy 6th December 2018384 KB Policies & Procedures Download
External students sixth form application form 29th November 201876 KB Post 16 application process Download
Facilities Time Publication 7th September 2018190 KB Palladian Academy Trust Download
FGB2 11 Nov 2014 minutes final and signed 30th January 20151 MB Governors Download
FGB3 13 Jan 2015 minutes final and signed 4th May 20151 MB Governors Download
Final Letter Meet the Tutor 2018 8th October 201863 KB Year 7 Download
Financial Manual 2015-16 4th November 2015324 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Foster Recruitment 8th May 2017183 KB General documents Download
Free School Meals Application Form Jan 2016 14th January 2016155 KB General documents Download
Free School Meals Letter Jan 2016 11th January 201650 KB General documents Download
Freedom of Information Policy 13th April 2016133 KB Policies & Procedures Download
GCSE Examination results for the last four years 12th January 201620 KB Year 7 Download
Gender Pay Gap Report, March 2018 29th March 201882 KB Academy Trust Download
Governor Induction and Development Policy 27th January 201698 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Governors Disciplinary Procedure 2015 13th February 201582 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Health and Safety Policy 8th August 2017171 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Home-School Agreement 8th August 2017133 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Home-School Agreement 29th August 201486 KB Year 7 Download
ICE Volunteer Employers Flyer 10th October 2018277 KB Palladian Academy Trust Download
International Policy 19th July 2017140 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Issue 11, 20 Apr 2018 23rd April 20181 MB General documents Download
Key Stage 4 Curriculum Evening 2019 30th January 2019270 KB General documents Download
LDC1 21 Oct 2014 minutes final and signed 30th January 2015980 KB Governors Download
LDC2 9 December 2014 minutes final and signed 4th May 20151 MB Governors Download
Letter to Year 11 Parents - Post 16 info 2018 8th October 201857 KB Year 11 Download
Life Without Labels Yr7 Parent Forum PPT 25 Jan 2017 1st February 2017687 KB Year 7 Download
Literacy Policy 13th April 2016132 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Millfield Symposium 10 Jan 2019 4th December 201883 KB Trips and visits Download
Mobile phones letter 170912 15th January 201476 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Parent Evaluation of Online Booking for Parents Evenings 19th April 201313 KB Year 7 Download
parent governor qualification criteria 10th November 201777 KB Governors Download
Parents Evening Booking System - User Guide 15th May 2017169 KB General documents Download
Parents Evening Booking System Guide 27th September 2016221 KB Year 7 Download
PAT e-news Jan 2018 17th April 2018665 KB Palladian Academy Trust Download
PAT Newsletter 1 27th April 2018665 KB General documents Download
PAT Photograph policy and preference form 25th September 201888 KB Palladian Academy Trust Download
PAT teaching school 23rd May 2018187 KB Palladian Academy Trust Download
Physical Intervention Policy 28th November 2013141 KB Policies & Procedures Download
PP 2017-18 expenditure report 8th January 2019275 KB General documents Download
PP 2018-19 planned expenditure report 8th January 201982 KB General documents Download
Premises Management Plan 25th November 2014180 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Publication Scheme 13th April 2016128 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Ralph Allen Way Behaviour for Learning 19th September 2012850 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Recruitment and Selection Policy and Procedure 18.03.15 9th April 2015148 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Recruitment of Ex-offenders Policy 20th June 2017147 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Register of business interests 20115-16 28th September 2016136 KB Governors Download
Risk and Opportunity Management Policy 20th April 2012154 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Scott Murray pic 27th February 2018235 KB Governors Download
Sex and Relationships Education Policy 27th March 2018144 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Sixth Form Prospectus entry Sept 2019 3rd December 20183 MB Post 16 application process Download
Special Educational Needs 31st January 2017273 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Statements to education, health and care plans. 22nd July 201412 KB Statements to education, health and care plans. Download
Student flyer 2018 updated 8th October 2018217 KB Year 11 Download
Summary notes PAT Board meeting 140917 31st October 201759 KB Governors Download
Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy 19th July 2017257 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Transport arrangements for Feb 7 interim 28th January 201960 KB General documents Download
Transport update Sept 2018 7th September 2018196 KB Transport Download
U2 Bus update - Good News 21st December 2018109 KB Transport Download
Visitors to the School 28th November 2013109 KB Policies & Procedures Download
Wellbeing - Contacts 14th January 20193 MB Policies & Procedures Download
Work Experience 2018/19 8th October 2018224 KB Year 10 Download
Year 10 Work Experience Health and Safety Form 2018 4th December 2018145 KB Year 10 Download
Yr11 useful exam information 15th February 201977 KB Year 11 Download