Name Date File Size  
Admissions Policy 2016-17 25th March 2015222 KB  Download
Adoption Leave Policy 20th November 2015109 KB  Download
Anti-bullying Policy 29th August 2014311 KB  Download
Appraisal and Capability Policy 10th February 2016484 KB  Download
Assessment Policy 12th February 201491 KB  Download
Attendance Policy and practice 2015-16 24th August 2015217 KB  Download
Behaviour Policy Feb 2015 9th April 2015184 KB  Download
Charging and Remissions Policy 2015 16 4th February 201681 KB  Download
Child Protection policy Mar 2015 9th April 2015357 KB  Download
Complaints and Concerns Procedure 20th January 2015228 KB  Download
Conflicts of Interest policy updated March 2016 13th April 2016225 KB  Download
CPD Policy 4th February 2016136 KB  Download
Data Protection Policy 13th April 2016152 KB  Download
Dealing with Allegations of Abuse Made Against Staff Policy 19th November 2015149 KB  Download
DES Action and Access Plan 20th April 201225 KB  Download
Disability Equality Scheme 20th April 2012196 KB  Download
Disciplinary Policy & Procedure relating to misconduct (staff) 7th April 2016104 KB  Download
Discretionary Leave of Absence Policy and Procedure 16.11.14 25th November 2014179 KB  Download
Discretionary Powers within the Avon Pension Fund (LGPS) 13th April 201699 KB  Download
Drugs policy July 2015 27th July 2015677 KB  Download
Equalities Policy 29th August 2014147 KB  Download
Examinations Policy July 2015 27th July 2015123 KB  Download
Financial Manual 2015-16 4th November 2015324 KB  Download
Flexible Working Policy 15th January 2016161 KB  Download
Freedom of Information Policy 13th April 2016133 KB  Download
Gender Equality Policy 20th April 2012162 KB  Download
Governor Induction and Development Policy 27th January 201698 KB  Download
Governors Disciplinary Procedure 2015 13th February 201582 KB  Download
Grievance Policy and Procedure 29th August 201479 KB  Download
Health and Safety Policy 25th November 201498 KB  Download
Home-School Agreement 29th August 201486 KB  Download
ICT Acceptable Use Policy - Sixth Form 5th June 201452 KB  Download
ICT Acceptable Use Policy - Staff 5th June 2014183 KB  Download
ICT Acceptable Use Policy - Yrs 7 - 11 5th June 201453 KB  Download
International Policy 25th November 201482 KB  Download
Literacy Policy 13th April 2016132 KB  Download
Maternity Policy and Procedure Associate Staff 16.11.14 25th November 201476 KB  Download
Mobile phones letter 170912 15th January 201476 KB  Download
Physical Intervention Policy 28th November 2013141 KB  Download
Premises Management Plan 25th November 2014180 KB  Download
Probation for Associate Staff Policy 16.11.14 25th November 2014190 KB  Download
Publication Scheme 13th April 2016128 KB  Download
Pupil Premium report 2011-12 28th November 201367 KB  Download
Pupil Premium Report 2013/2014 3rd March 201562 KB  Download
Racist Abuse Policy 20th April 2012144 KB  Download
Ralph Allen Way Behaviour for Learning 19th September 2012850 KB  Download
Recruitment and Selection Policy and Procedure 18.03.15 9th April 2015148 KB  Download
Recruitment of Ex-offenders Policy 25th November 201484 KB  Download
Redundancy Policy and Procedure 16.11.14 25th November 2014101 KB  Download
Risk and Opportunity Management Policy 20th April 2012154 KB  Download
Safer Recruitment Policy 20th April 2012126 KB  Download
School Security 28th November 2013158 KB  Download
Sex and Relationships Education Policy 2015 4th February 2016296 KB  Download
Sickness Absence Policy and Procedure 16.11.14 25th November 2014395 KB  Download
Special Educational Needs and Disability Policy 20th January 2015240 KB  Download
Staff Code of Conduct 25th November 2014139 KB  Download
Staff Discretionary Leave of Absence Policy and Procedure 14th August 2015139 KB  Download
Staff Induction Policy 25th November 2014159 KB  Download
Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy 8th December 2015303 KB  Download
Travel Plan 28th November 2013719 KB  Download
Visitors to the School 28th November 2013109 KB  Download
Whistleblowing Policy 20th April 2012144 KB  Download
Whole School Pay Policy 2015 16 4th February 2016498 KB  Download