Welcome from the Headteacher

I would like to extend a special welcome to Ralph Allen School.  Thank you for your interest in a very well-established Bath School whose Diamond Jubilee celebrations are taking place during 2017-18.

We are very proud of our high academic standards, which bear close comparison with any school in Bath and North-East Somerset.  Many selective schools would envy our consistent placing in The Times top 350 schools nationwide in both KS4 and the sixth form.

Ralph Allen has a holistic view of learning; we understand that History and English thrive on narrative; that Music catalyses abilities in Maths; and that the same student can enjoy Sport and also Science without contradiction – indeed, that there are many links.  We believe our job as educators is to support students in developing their abilities in a wide range of related areas. 

Prospective parents often ask about our co-curricular offer to students.  We are very committed to offering additional opportunities beyond the classroom.  A huge range of sports, clubs, and other activities are on offer; up-to-date information can be found on our school website http://www.ralphallen.bathnes.sch.uk/125/clubs-and-extra-curricular-activities

Our greatest asset is our students, who are a very impressive group of young people.  We believe it is essential to hear the students’ voice, and this plays a key part in decision making.  If you are visiting the school, please take the chance to test out some of the things we are saying about ourselves.

Ralph Allen’s most recent Ofsted inspection report, March 2014, found that, ‘The most notable strengths of teaching include secure subject knowledge, excellent working relationships with students, well planned lessons that make use of stimulating resources and questioning that is used to check and develop understanding. As a result, students invariably respond well, displaying confidence and maturity’.

Over the last year we have worked hard with local primary schools on the formation of the Palladian Academy Trust (PAT), a development we are passionate about. The new multi-academy trust (MAT) is a group of like-minded local schools - all academies – that have chosen to work together in partnership for the benefit of our children’s education.

The Trust – a group of geographically close secondary, primary, infant and junior schools - will build on existing good practice and collaborative work. It will seek to retain the ethos and identity of each school while enjoying and exploring the benefits of partnership.

The eight schools in the Palladian Academy Trust (PAT) are:

  • Combe Down C of E Primary School
  • Oldfield Park Infant School
  • Oldfield Park Junior School
  • Ralph Allen School (secondary school)
  • St Martin’s Garden Primary School
  • St Philip’s C of E Primary School
  • Widcombe Infant School
  • Widcombe C of E Junior School

The students of Ralph Allen are of course the heart of the school - they are genuine, open and welcoming and we look forward to the many opportunities for learning that being part of the PAT offers our students.

I hope this serves well as a very brief introduction to some of the things which we feel are most important.  It will be clear that our values are at the heart of what we do:  respect, personal best and team work.

Parents and others who visit us often comment on the friendliness and accessibility of the school, and I am sure you will find this when you visit.

Andy Greenhough