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Science Week

You know that something special is happening when all your science teachers come to school dressed in animal ‘onesies’!

The teachers at Ralph Allen School had chosen the ‘Animal Kingdom’ as the theme to celebrate science week which was 12 – 20 March.  So to start the week in lively fashion all the members of the Science staff team donned onesies on an animal theme for the day.

The Year 8 students went to the annual national Big Bang Fair in Birmingham on the first Thursday, 12 March. The following day saw the school in animal fancy dress. By Monday the Year 7 were getting excited over @ Bristol for the day. By the final Friday the Year 7, 8 and 9 students were inspiring primary school students from across B&NES at the Bath Taps into Science (see photos) event held at the University of Bath. The week finished with a well-timed solar eclipse.

Throughout the week every student in the school had an additional experience in Science, either as a trip or as an in-class activity. These included exploding bins, dissecting pigs’ heads, chemistry spectaculars and CO2 ice cream.

Every day was themed with graphics from different parts of the animal kingdom as well as tutor quizzes.  Students had assemblies about STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths), outlining the fantastic local opportunities to work or study in the area of STEM. All staff got on board with the full Ralph Allen spirit - for example, students had biology lessons taught in French by the Modern Foreign Languages staff.

'These events are so rewarding and they show Ralph Allen School at its best. The staff never miss the chance to show their love for their subjects and to captivate and inspire their students – even if that involves dressing up as a dinosaur': said Mr. Matthew Croft, Deputy Curriculum Team Leader, Science and STEM Coordinator