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Mock election at Ralph Allen Thurs 7 May

Ralph Allen School students held their own election on Thurs 7 May, with all students having a chance to vote for the student representing the party of their choice.  Results were announced at lunchtime.

Student volunteers represented the five major parties in the UK:  they gave  assemblies to the whole school putting across their points of view and why you should vote for them.  They also put up boards in the hall setting out their policies for students and staff to read over the past two weeks.

Five students were selected to represent one of the national political parties each for the hustings, and a draw was held for which party each student would represent:

  1. Hanan Braha - Green party
  2. Kat Bryant - Liberal Democrats
  3. Louis Dejeu-Castang – Labour
  4. Joe Alder – UKIP
  5. Manny Campion-Dye - Conservative

In the assemblies each student spoke for two minutes, one minute explaining their party's policies, and one minute to explain why you should vote for them and not others.

Mr Rose, Assistant Headteacher, who organised the election with Head of History Mrs Esme Bristow and Teacher of English Mrs Katie Rutter, said, ‘It will be fascinating to see whether the Ralph Allen School result mirrors the result in the UK.  The students have done a brilliant job in representing the various parties’ points of view and key strategies, so we will see tomorrow who has been most convincing.’


After the count, Labour won an overall majority.  Out of 864 students who voted the results were:

Labour 282

Green Party 267

Conservative 106


Lib Dem 80


Plaid Cymru 6