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Cuts in school funding - message from our governors

There has been a lot of talk in the media recently about cuts in school funding. As governors at Ralph Allen School, we want to make sure everyone involved with the school understands the situation we are in as well as possible. So here are six important questions that we are going to try and answer:
1. What is the current financial situation at Ralph Allen School?
2. How much money is the UK government really putting into education?
3. What are the changes that are having an impact at Ralph Allen?
4. What is Ralph Allen doing about the cuts?
5. What further impact might the cuts have on Ralph Allen?
6. Is there anything you can do to help?
If you have a few minutes, please do read the whole document. We are sorry that it’s a long read, but there is a lot to cover in order to explain the situation clearly.
If you don’t have much time, please take a look through the headlines (the bold text that follows each question) and then go to section 6.
Cuts in school funding, document from Ralph Allen School governors, June 2017