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Mock election results, Thurs 8 June

Results of the mock elections held on Thursday 8 June are as follows:

1st Liberal Democrats - 36.4%

2nd Labour 30.87%

3rd Green Party 19.87%

4th Conservatives 6.17%

5th UKIP 5.72%

Party manifestos were presented in assembly by Year 10 students, every day this week.  All students voted today once they had heard the speeches on behalf of the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, the Green Party and UKIP.

The Ralph Allen elections were organised by Mr Rose, ex-Assistant Headteacher, and Mrs Bristow, Teacher of History, with assistance from Mrs Perry, History Curriculum Team Leader, and Mrs Rutter, English teacher and Deputy Head of Sixth Form.

All the party manifestos were displayed in the hall for students to read so they could make an informed choice.