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Yr12 Geography Field Trips March/April

The trip to Bath was to investigate the regeneration projects taking place and to see how the housing & environment change as you walk out of Bath from the Abbey. We started with a visit to Bath Riverside and a talk from Crest Nicholson in the Eon Energy Centre and a walking tour of the site. We then headed into Southgate & the Vaults to complete arrange of surveys including questionnaires, photos, car park surveys, bike and bus recording and environment surveys. The two groups then walked out of Bath from the Abbey in two directions to Fairfield Park and Bathwick. We recorded housing surveys and environment surveys as we went to see how thinks changed.

The second trip was to Chesil Beach, we started at West Bay, now famous as the location for Broadchurch, and the view of those cliffs really are amazing! The students completed transects from the shore to the back of the beach recording sediment characteristics and slope angles. The next two site were along the coast at Abbotsbury and Chiswell to finish repeating the measurements. This really is an amazing physical geography landform – 19 miles of shingle! We assessed the massive coastal protection schemes before returning to Bath. 

We have also recently completed our annual trips to Marshfield Ice Cream to investigate how to diversify a farm from milk to a very successful ice maker. We learnt from Dawn how the farm changed from a dairy farm into an international ice cream producer. We had a tour of the factory and got to taste the product including their new Milk pops and fruit pops. We also visited the calves and saw the cows being milked – thanks for a brilliant tour!

Finally, a group of Year 12 students went to visit the local regeneration project at Foxhill, Mulberry Park. We had a talk about the details of the development before we put on the hard hats, hivis and boots to have a tour of the site. Thanks to Susan Fletcher from Curo for a really useful and informative tour.

Richard Briggs

CTL Geography