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Cognitive Abilities Testing for Year 7 students

Dear parents/carers,

To aid the tracking of students all year 7s take a Cognitive Abilities Test: (CATs) test in the first few weeks of September.

Cognitive Abilities Tests (CATs) provide a robust, standardised measure of cognitive reasoning ability, without reference to curriculum-based material and regardless of previous achievements or first language.

They provide an invaluable insight into a students’ ability to reason across four distinct batteries: verbalnon-verbalmathematical and spatial, as compared to the national average. 

This allows teachers to address patterns and adapt their teaching methods to suit individuals (or group, where a similar learning profile is shared).

The tests will take place during three computer science lessons. Students will need to bring headphones, if they have them, but no other preparation is necessary.  Students will be informed in advance when their CATs wlil be taking place.

If you have any queries about the tests, please do not hesitate to contact me:

Andy Greenhough



The timetable for the CATs tests is shown below:

CAT's Timetable
Learning Group Week B w/c 11 Sept Week A w/c 18 Sept Week B w/c 25 Sept  Week A w/c 2 Oct Week B w/c 9 Oct     
  Date Period Date Period Date Period Date Period Date Period Initials Venue
LG1 Wed 1 Mon 4 Wed 1 Mon 4 Wed 1 AT M14
LG2 Tues 5   Tues 5   Tues 5 NOL M12
Thurs  1   Thurs  1   Thurs  1 SHK M12
LG3 Wed  2 Mon 1 Wed  2 Mon 1 Wed  2 AT M14
LG4 Tues 2   Tues 2   Tues 2 AT M14
Fri  1   Fri  1   Fri  1 NOL M12
LG5 Thurs  2 Thurs 4 Thurs  2 Thurs 4 Thurs  2 AT M14
LG6 Wed 3 Mon  4 Wed 3 Mon  4 Wed 3 NOL M12
LG7 Wed  3 Thurs 2 Wed  3 Thurs 2 Wed  3 AT M14
LG8 Fri 4 Wed 1 Fri 4 Wed 1 Fri 4 NOL M12