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Mental health of boys and young men - next Parent Circle

Our next Parent Circle meeting is on 15 November 6.30-8pm in the Lee Centre. All RAS parents and carers are welcome.

This session is slightly unusual as we have invited Kate, Jim and Liam who are involved in a project run by BANES called Boys in Mind, to come and present to Parent Circle.

BANES (Schools) has identified the mental health needs of boys and young men as a priority focus since 2016.   This is a result of national and local data that highlights the specific mental health needs of adult males, and is based on the principles of early intervention and prevention.  The specific aim of Boys in Mind is to:

·      Raise awareness of the effects of gender conditioning and stereotyping on the behaviour of boys and young men

·      Seek ways to reduce stigma around mental illness and poor well-being amongst boys and young men

·      Explore ways of encouraging help-seeking and help-giving behaviour amongst boys and young men

Over the year priorities emerged around male mental health from the views expressed by the boys and young male CAMHS users who were consulted. These were:

·      Attitudes towards masculinity

·      Targeted education

·      Provision of appropriate support

·      Training for school staff which addresses inequalities and includes information about the ways boys express mental health issues

·      Issues associated with bullying for boys

·      Specific issues for GBT + young people

This session will run just like a normal session with a slightly more specific focus. It is great that we are able to engage with the development of this pilot strategy. We would love to see regulars to Parent Circle, but the session might also be helpful for parents who have particular concerns around this area. Please do let any other parents who might be interested know about it.

Kate is hoping to form a parent focus group following the meeting to help inform the strategic direction and outcomes from the project. If you are interested in being part of this group please let Parent Circle or Kate know on the day.