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A few words from Andy Greenhough, new Headteacher from Jan 2018

My journey began back in Nottingham in 1994. I taught my first ever lesson and knew in that moment that I had found the job that I wanted to do forever. It was an amazing feeling, the chance to help students gather information and progress and I have been addicted ever since.

Ralph Allen is my third school, the previous two being William Sharp and Nottingham University Samworth Academy. All of these schools have offered me opportunities to further my career and learn more about pedagogy and how schools work. Promotion can come at a cost as it does lead to a reduction in teaching hours. Initially this was difficult as I am still passionate about being in the classroom and supporting students in progressing and building their character. Although teaching is a demanding job, I still consider it to be the greatest there is. When it works it is the most wonderful feeling. The culmination of the planning, creativity, subject knowledge and understanding of students are all channelled together to produce progression for a variety of learners. In working with other teachers and support in school I have found that I can affect more students, leading to improved outcomes, so have been able to accept the movement away from the classroom. I will, however, still try to find time to teach some lessons, but in a different capacity.

I want to continue to build on the strong foundations of Ralph Allen from its 60th year onwards. I will reinforce the already strong systems that allow security and a platform for learning, both academic and of their character, so that the students who leave the school are prepared for the world with a sense of purpose, strength and wonder.

Mr Andy Greenhough