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English Speaking Union Churchill Public Speaking Competition, 16 January

A Ralph Allen team represented the school at the English Speaking Union Churchill Public Speaking competition held at Stonar School on Tuesday 16 January.

Joshua and Alister Guenther and Finley Collins, all in Year 10, put in a very impressive performance in a tightly contested competition with a very high standard across all competing schools. Finley was a very able and engaging Chairman while Joshua, as Questioner, asked some particularly probing questions on the challenging topic of ‘Are elections a waste of time?’ Alister was the Speaker for the Ralph Allen team and gave a confident and rigorously researched speech on the issue of rising population levels, successfully fielding some challenging questions from the Stonar School Questioner.

All three boys are to be congratulated on the high level of their performance in this, their first public speaking competition against some seasoned competitors from Stonar, Royal High School, Kingswood and Hayesfield. Well done!

The Year 13 debaters have also been active, representing Ralph Allen School again in the English Speaking Union Mace Debating competition. Manny Campion-Dye and Louis Dejeu-Castang  won through the first round in November last year where they proposed the motion: This House would introduce a year of compulsory, non-military national service after Year 13 (or equivalent), arguing very effectively and answering challenging questions from their Royal High School opponents. Manny and Louis will now represent Ralph Allen in the second round to be held on 29 January at Godolphin School where they will propose the motion: This House would allow upper rate taxpayers to redirect a significant proportion of their taxes to charities of their choice.

Manny and Louis are also joining two other Year 13 students, Joe Alder and Isaac Hawcock, to represent the school in the Oxford Schools Debating competition on 22 January at King’s School Taunton. This is a first for the school and involves ‘short prep’ debating where the teams are only given the topic shortly before the debate. We are sure that all four students will do very well and wish them luck.