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ARTiculation competition

This is a competition run by the Roche Court Educational Centre and requires students aged 16 – 19 to give a short presentation about a work of art, artefact or example of architecture of their choice.

On Thursday 18 January, after school, five Year 13 students entered and gave some very impressive presentations which were all engaging and very informative, all the more impressive given that all the students were preparing for their mocks in the following week.  The competition was judged by Mr Hume-Smith and Mrs Rutter and, although it is a cliché, it genuinely was an extremely close competition.

Joe Alder gave a personal response to 'Summertime' by Jackson Pollock and made a very interesting connection between this and the painter’s love of jazz.

Isaac Hawcock gave a scholarly account of his response to 'The Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Livin'g by Damien Hirst.  We were especially impressed with the way that Isaac made connections between this specific work of art and big questions such as ‘What is art?’

Louis Amato also gave a presentation on Damien Hirst but this time on his paintings and how bad he felt they were.  Louis’s take on the paintings was original and engaging,and  his conclusion was that Damien Hirst should stick to what he does best – not painting!

Louis Dejeu-Castang gave a fascinating and informative presentation on German Expressionism focusing on a little known but powerful  wood engraving by Kathe Kollwitz called 'The Volunteers' from 1922.

Finally, Manny Campion-Dye chose to talk about Picasso’s 'Guernica' and gave a very impressive and stimulating presentation exploring some of the influences on Picasso as well as the painting itself.

Mrs Rutter

Deputy Head of Sixth Form; Teacher of English