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Working together to solve climate change!

B&NES Youth Climate Summit took place on Monday 5 February 2018at King Edward's School Sports Pavilion, Bath.

Designed and run by students from King Edward's School, the climate change summit was a fantastic opportunity for young people to both hear and discuss a wide range of ideas for improving our planet. Ralph Allen was represented by 9 A-Level geography students from Year 12 and 13.

The summit was opened by a fascinating talk by John O'Malley, a researcher and campaigner working with orangutans in SE Asia. He talked with eloquence and passion on the dangers of habitat destruction through increased rates of deforestation, both locally for the orangutans, but also for the whole planet. He gave moving examples of individual orangutans who have lost their homes, and the excellent work his charity, Orangutan Appeal UK, is doing to protect them and their environment.

Following John was Jennifer Best who runs Poco Restaurant in Bristol, a company using locally grown produce and aiming to produce food as sustainably as possible. She and her colleagues use a variety of techniques to maximise the usage, and minimise the waste of food products - such as eating insects because of their high protein content, or using gardens and waste land to grow vegetables organically, rather than relying on the unsustainable methods of supermarket chains. They employ a strict 50-mile sourcing policy, ensuring all ingredients will be as local as possible.

Mr Paisley, Teacher of Geography, said, 'A range of workshops was available during the day on a variety of topics. Overall It was an excellent opportunity for our students to both learn about and engage with the vital issues of climate change, meet and interact with experts in the field as well as other interested students from the city, be inspired by the successes (and learn from the mistakes) of those who have shown commitment to seeing change in their generation.'