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Dance Umbrella

We performed two dances 'New Rules' which was the older girls and 'A Night at Palladium' which was a dance performed by all years. Ralph Allen stole the show and their enthusiasm and  vibrancy created a real buzz. All 107 students were involved in the finale piece and lead the other schools through a highly charged final dance.

It has been lovely to see the different year groups working together and seeing the fun they had being part of this special night.  Many thanks to all staff who helped on the night, all who performed and the parents who helped with costumes and making sure their daughter got there.

A special mention goes out to Esme Jones, Mitsu Shimazu, Jaz Claxton, Maria Hames and Alice Helps who  have been our senior dance prefects and have helped choreograph, arrange music and been fantastic role models throughout.

Well done all!