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The James Dyson Foundation Global Makeathon.

Our Year 10 GCSE Design Technology students have recently been working on a project called the James Dyson Foundation Global Makeathon.  The project has seen teams of our students paired with teams from schools in Chicago, USA where design problems around everyday living have been identified and then sent to partner teams to be solved through designing and prototyping.  Throughout the process feedback on progress has been sent between partner teams, including videos where our students have had to explain their design concepts to the Chicago teams. 

The project concluded with a visit from George Oram, a senior design engineer at Dyson, where groups presented their design solutions for feedback.  Our students impressed George with the creativity of their ideas plus their ability and willingness to explain their thinking to him.  He was able to give some very constructive feedback and give students an insight into his work as a design engineer which was a great opportunity for all students involved.  

Dominic Pridham, Curriculum Team Leader, Design and Technology