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L2O Team

The L2O team has safely made it back from Hungary where they had a fantastic experience mixing with 67 other teams from 41 countries from all over the world (the furthest being from the US, Chile, South Africa, Australia, Japan, and Siberia).


Their robot didn’t perform quite as well as they had hoped on the day, but their robot design impressed the judges and they won the 1st prize for ‘Robot Programming’! 


They also did well in the other categories, they got 34/36 for ‘Robot Design’, 32/36 for ‘Project’, and 31/36 for ‘Core Values’.  (I think they might even have got another prize as well if teams were allowed to get more than one prize. J)


Thanks again for your support, I’m sure this was a very valuable experience for all of them!  They are already planning for next year too… J