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Badminton, Table Tennis, Snooker & Pool Championships

Badminton, Table Tennis, Snooker & Pool Championships


Every year we hold sports competitions, open to the whole school, to give students the opportunity to play competitively against each other in a variety of different sports.



Badminton Championships


Badminton Club has been extremely popular this year across all the age groups, with high attendances at club sessions and lots of students enthusiastic to represent the school teams and play competitively.


Just before the end of the badminton club season we hold our annual championships event for each year group. This year's event involved a round robin stage in groups, followed by playoffs to decide the overall placings and winners. Feather shuttles were used for all matches to give the students the chance to experience how the professionals get to play the game.


Congratulations goes to winners and runners up for each event, as follows: Year 7 - Fiona Thet and Maddie Loughborough, Year 8 - Jake Barrington and Ryan Cordier, Year 9 - Luke Hamer and Finlay Thomas.


Table Tennis Championships


After the highly successful winter season for the table tennis team players (BaNES and South West champions for 2018!) the summer season sees the most committed players come together for our annual table tennis championships.


This year's event involved a first round of matches, with the winners entering the 'Cup' competition and runners up entering the 'Shield' competition. Separate events, win their own winners and runners up.


Congratulations goes to Harry Fairburn in year 9 and Ryan Cordier in year 8 in the 'Cup' and Kyle Sullivan and Luke Woods both in year 7 in the 'Shield'.


Snooker & Pool Championships


Ralph Allen School continues to enjoy and benefit from it's partnership with the ‘World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association’ (WPBSA). The school was been chosen as one of the first to introduce the ‘Cue Zone into Schools’ programme which is a grass roots development project aimed at developing the game of snooker within schools in order to increase participation in the sport.
As the only school in Bath to offer snooker and pool to our students, both in PE lessons and for after school clubs all year round, we are able to host a variety of events each year which includes our annual championships competitions.



Both the snooker and pool championships for this year involved a round robin stage in groups, followed by playoffs to decide the overall placings and winners. Matches were timed and resulted in some fast paced action, with some amazing shots (some due to skill, many due to luck!).


Congratulations goes to Sean M in year 9 and Kyle Sullivan in year 7, the winner and runner up of the pool competition.


Kyle also reached the final of the snooker competition and took the win following a very close final match against Lucas Donnelly in year 8.


Tom Hancock