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B&NES Music Survey

B&NES Music Survey

The Bath & North East Somerset Music Hub has a remit to support music-making and music learning for all children and young people across the authority and as part of that, we’re running a survey on young people’s views.

The survey, which has been designed by World Pencil, our research partners on this project, asks children and young people about their experiences of making and learning music, what they do and have done, and what they’d like to be able to do in the future. It’s designed to give them an open, and anonymous, opportunity to express their aspirations and hopes for music.

The address for the survey is

We’re very keen to hear as broad a range of perspectives as possible, from all children and young people, whether or not they’re currently involved in music. Indeed, hearing the voices of young people who might feel that there aren’t musical opportunities for them is critical to the success of the research.

We’re undertaking this research to build up a better picture of children and young people’s opinions and ideas for music across the authority (working in conjunction with the South Gloucestershire Music Hub). We will use the insights drawn from the research to refine and enhance the Hub’s music-making offer for children and young people.

We hope, of course, that the findings from the survey will be useful for the many organisations and individuals across the authority - schools, music/arts organisations, youth organisations, musicians, teachers etc. - who are involved or interested in music with young people. We’ll be sending out an analysis of the survey findings in the autumn.

Here’s the link again: . You can also access the same survey at

Rainer Dolz

Manager of Music Service