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Excellent GCSE results at Ralph Allen School!

Excellent GCSE results at Ralph Allen School!

31% of grades were 9, 8 or 7. 23% of students achieving 5 or more top grades.

Another fantastic year for students at Ralph Allen School. We are delighted to congratulate all our students on their successes and personal triumphs. This year as in previous years we are happy to celebrate our students’ performance. 68% of the students achieved 5 or more A* - C grades including the all-important English and Maths GCSEs. 

I did have a dream last night about my own degree and I was again plunged into examinations in the Great Hall at Nottingham University. Something must have been on my mind. In my dream I relived the pressures that young people face and was reminded of the difficult times that examinations place students in.

It did highlight for me the range of skills that are necessary to perform over two years and the final month of tests, often with two or three examinations, in some cases, on the same day. Developing these skills is all part of the wider education that we give at Ralph Allen School. The students again have showed their perseverance, dedication and ability to perform and achieve such wonderful results.

Just like the outstanding A-level results last week our thoughts again turn to individuals and the support they require for their next phase of learning and our focus will be on supporting them.

We would like to extend congratulations to the following students on their own personal performances:

Deeva Dewey 7 9s & 2 8s                      Saffrey Frayling 2 9s & 6 8s

Annie Hidalgo-Wayman 2 9s & 6 8s      Sadie Hough 6 9s & 2 8s

Eden Keily-Thurstain 5 9s & 4 8s          Jasmine Lowe 6 9s & 1 8

Rhian Mackintosh 4 9s & 3 8s                Jim Nankivell 5 9s & 2 8s

Emma Parker 7 9s & 1 8                         Ella Pears 7 9s & 2 8s

Oliver Sani 5 9s & 1 8                             William Veitch 7 9s & 2 8s

Otto White 6 9s & 1 8

(From 2018 the GCSE grades for all subjects are given in numbers with a 9 being the highest down to a 1.)

We would also like to recognise students who have made excellent progress during their time at Ralph Allen and reached or exceeded their personal best, sometimes with significant challenges placed in their way. These students are:

Freddie Cartledge, Yasmin Sunthankar, Eleanor Hawkins, Sophie Dyte, Asta Vallis, Ellie Taylor, Hamish Bogle, Elise Elston-Thompson, Danny Lampkin, Harry Wisden, Mollie Ruck, Tobias Rasmussen, Edward Clarke and Britannio Jarrett.

The above students should be commended for their hard work, resilience and effort over their time at Ralph Allen.

Lastly thank you to all the staff who have taught, supported, mentored and much more to help students achieve their potential.

Andy Greenhough, Headteacher