Useful staff contacts

Staff emails follow the same formula, i.e.:  See the section My Child’s Teachers on FROG for a list of all the teaching staff.



Mr Andrew Greenhough  BSc (Hons)

Headteacher, Science

Leadership Team


Mr John Chantry  BA (Hons)

Head of School, Philosophy and Ethics, PSHE

Miss Jacqueline Haggett  BSc (Hons)

Assistant Headteacher; Head of Sixth Form; Mathematics

Miss Sarah Hetenyi BA (Hons)

Assistant Headteacher, Physical Education

Leadership Team Office

Mrs Hannah Baker, Head's PA - ext 217

Mrs Rachel Starr & Mrs Clare Diable, Administration Officers - ext 215  




Assistant to Andy Greenhough, Headteacher

Assistants to John Chantry, Head of School, and Leadership Team




Student Services Key Workers and Attendance Officer

Mrs Suzanne Bessell - ext 288; 838925

Miss Megan Ely - ext 266              

Student Services: Attendance Officer Miss Anna Brownell - ext 250

Mrs Jane Squier, Years 12 & 13 - ext 258; 838905

Mrs Melanie Petmezas, Years 12 & 13 - ext 294

All pastoral matters

All pastoral matters


Student absence


Sixth form Assistant

Sixth form student absence

Finance Office

Mrs Sarah Thompson, School Business Manager - ext 224

Mrs Katrina de Beer, Finance Assistant - ext 214



Finance, payments, lettings enquiries, school trips and visits


Mrs Carol-Anne Lale, Exams Officer - ext 275


Data and assessments

Mrs Michelle Roberts, Data Manager - ext 208

Mr Trevor Smith, Timetable Manager - ext 339

Mrs Fay Swaffield, Cover Administrator - ext 209; 838018

Student records, data and assessments


Timetable and student records

Inclusion, Additional Educational Needs

Ms Sarah Todd - ext 271

Ms Jo Flatman - ext 244

Mrs Ali Witcombe - ext 244


Inclusion, Additional Educational Needs


Additional Educations Needs


Additional Educational Needs

School Nurse

Mrs Caroline Hodgkinson - ext 310 Mon and Tue 

Mobile 07515 191905 (Mon-Thurs)

School Nursing Office 01225 831666 (Mon-Thurs)