Useful staff contacts

Staff emails follow the same formula, i.e.:  See the section My Child’s Teachers on FROG for a list of all the teaching staff.



Mr Andrew Greenhough  BSc (Hons)

Headteacher, Science

Leadership Team


Mr John Chantry  BA (Hons)

Deputy Headteacher; Philosophy and Ethics; PSHE

Miss Jacqueline Haggett  BSc (Hons)

Assistant Headteacher; Head of Sixth Form; Mathematics

Miss Sarah Hetenyi BA (Hons)

Assistant Headteacher; Physical Education

Mr Richard Handley

Assistant Headteacher; Educational Visits Coordinator; Physical Education

Leadership Team Office

Mrs Hannah Baker, Head's PA - ext 217

Mrs Rachel Starr & Mrs Clare Diable, Administration Officers - ext 215  




Assistant to Andy Greenhough, Headteacher

Assistants to John Chantry, Head of School, and Leadership Team




Student Services Key Workers and Attendance Officer

Mrs Suzanne Bessell - ext 288; 838925

Miss Megan Ely - ext 266              

Student Services: Attendance Officer Miss Anna Brownell - ext 250

Mrs Jane Squier, Years 12 & 13 - ext 258; 838905

Mrs Melanie Petmezas, Years 12 & 13 - ext 294

All pastoral matters

All pastoral matters


Student absence


Sixth form Assistant

Sixth form student absence

Finance Office

Mrs Sarah Thompson, School Business Manager - ext 224

Mrs Katrina de Beer, Finance Assistant - ext 214



Finance, payments, lettings enquiries, school trips and visits


Mrs Carol-Anne Lale, Exams Officer - ext 275


Data and assessments

Mrs Michelle Roberts, Data Manager - ext 208

Mr Trevor Smith, Timetable Manager - ext 339

Mrs Fay Swaffield, Cover Administrator - ext 209; 838018

Student records, data and assessments


Timetable and student records

Inclusion, Additional Educational Needs

Ms Sarah Todd - ext 271

Ms Jo Flatman - ext 244

Mrs Ali Witcombe - ext 244


Inclusion, Additional Educational Needs


Additional Educations Needs


Additional Educational Needs

School Nurse

Mrs Caroline Hodgkinson - ext 310 Mon and Tue 

Mobile 07515 191905 (Mon-Thurs)

School Nursing Office 01225 831666 (Mon-Thurs)