ABus RA4 Service: south and west Bath to Ralph Allen School

ABUS RA4 Service: south & west Bath to Ralph Allen School
We are pleased to announce that ABUS will be running the following route from September 2017.  This is a combination of the RA3 and RA4 routes which have been running during 2016-17, and from September the RA3 will not be running.  Prices are still to be confirmed, but we thought parents would like this early information about the route. As soon as we have confirmed prices from Abus we will give information to the students who currently take the current RA3 and RA4.
More information will be made available on during the summer holidays. For routes and times click here for information.
Route description:
Service RA4 from Newbridge, The Weston via Upper Bristol Road, Windsor Bridge Road, Lower Bristol Road, Pines Way, Lower Bristol Road, Brougham Hayes, Livingstone Road, Herbert Road, Cynthia Road, Claude Avenue, Lymore Avenue, Shophouse Road, High Street, How Hill, Watery Lane, Shaws Way, Poolemead Road, Wedgwood Road, Kelston View, North Way, Haycombe Drive, Mount Road, Englishcombe Lane, Rush Hill, Frome Road, A3062, Bradford Road, North Road, Claverton Down Road, Ralph Allen School grounds.
Service RA4 from Ralph Allen School operates via the reverse of the morning route.