Vivos and Ralph Allen Griffin Rewards Systems

Rewards at Ralph Allen

At Ralph Allen we appreciate the importance that rewards and praise play in the lives of students. We are ever in pursuit of excellence and we use an online system called vivos.

Vivos is the award-winning online student reward system which is currently in use in over 80 local authorities. The premise of the system is that staff reward students with electronic points, or ‘Vivos’, which can then be exchanged for a wide range of physical rewards – from sports equipment, collectibles, high street and music vouchers, games and even charity donations or privileges within school – in the online shop. The system provides statistics, league tables, and the ability to track staff usage to ensure rewarding transparency and fairness.

All students are given login details which allow them to access the site and see the rewards which have been allocated to them. They can also see league tables and buy rewards

The Vivo system prides itself on being simple to use for both teachers and students, which means that time can be spent discussing the rewards with students rather than trying to access Vivo and allocate the points.

From the student perspective, it really works because it is engaging, exciting and focuses on promoting positive behaviour rather than disciplining the negative.

Plans are in place to give parents/carers access to their child’s site to see the rewards they have achieved.

Rewards - the Griffin Award

We want to recognise as many students as possible in our day-to-day practice, but also have extra rewards for attainment in different areas.  Vivos are the  main method for rewarding, but we are also use the Ralph Allen Griffin Award. Students who complete the full award (all pieces of the jigsaw) will be eligible for this year’s school trip.

Pieces of the rewards jigsaw will be allocated for the following:


Students will have to achieve either:

96% attendance


100% attendance in a term

Positive Behaviour

Students will have to either:

Attain more than 1250 Vivos in the year


Finish in the top 10 for their year group in a term

Ralph Allen Challenge

Students will have to achieve at least a Silver



Students will have to average a 4 in their effort scores for a progress check

House competition

Students will have to represent the House in at least two competitions and at least one representation out of lesson time

(The House that is leading in House points at Easter and Summer will have a Mufti day)

Ralph Allen Way

Students who follow the Ralph Allen Way will be recognised by their tutors



Mr A. Greenhough, Vice Principal

For further information about Vivos, click here: