House and Curriculum Team Leaders Email Addresses and Tutor List

House Teams

Crescent House

Head of House Mrs C O'Leary,

Assistant Head of House Mr R Tremblen,

Holburne House

Head of House Mrs H Reynolds,

Assistant Head of House Miss R Heard,

Milsom House

Head of House Miss S Hunt,

Assistant Head of House  Mrs A Hainsworth,

Pulteney House

Head of House Mr J Forrester,

Assistant Head of House Mrs R MacRae Nash,


Curriculum Team Leaders

English Ms C Smith,

Maths Mr C McKenna,

Science Miss A Tytherleigh,

Art & Photography Mrs A Lundy

Computing & ICT Mr A Torofdar,

Design Technology Mr D Pridham,

Drama Mrs L Hobbs,

Geography Mr S Paisley,

History Mrs J Walker

Inclusion Mrs S Todd,

Modern Foreign Languages Mrs M Benezech,

Music & Music Technology Mrs K Randall,

Philosophy & Ethics Mr J Mellor,

Physical Education Mr P Davis,



  Crescent Holburne Milsom Pulteney
Head of House Mrs O'Leary Mrs Reynolds Miss Hunt Mr Forrester
Assistant Head of House Mr Tremblen Miss Heard Mrs Hainsworth Mrs McRae Nash
1 Ms Harrison / Mrs Wallace Mr Gordon Mrs Rogers Mrs Tanner / Mrs Brown
2 Mrs Randall Mr Bone Ms Clintworth / Mr Laban Ms Walker
3 Miss Barker Miss Miles Ms Cowen Mr Davis
4 Mr Johnston Miss Sans Ms Tornero-Perez Mr McKenna
5 Mrs Platt Mrs Z Yates Miss Benezech Mr Torofdar
6 Ms Smith Mr Williams Mr Withey Ms Walsh
7 Mr Winchcombe (Mrs E Yates) Ms Shackley Mr Hunter Mrs Rosedale / Mrs Wallbaum
8 Mr Blair Miss Tasker Mr Tennant Ms Symes
9 Ms Durston / Ms Woodburn-Park Mrs Pursall / Ms Woodhouse Ms Ross Ms Symonds-Barrett
Sixth Form
  Mr Pridham / Ms Robinson Mrs Lundy Ms Byham Ms Hosford
  Mr Mellor Mrs Forrester / Ms Bryden Mr Paisley Ms Hobbs / Mrs Perry
        Miss Tytherleigh