Frequently asked questions

Parents’ Frequently Asked Questions

The Ralph Allen Parent Circle came up with frequently asked questions, which we’ve gathered together here under the following sub-headings. Each of the sub-headings links straight to the relevant section below.

  1. Contacting the school (who do I contact and how?)
  • General contact details
  • For particular issues – including about my child, lost property, about absence, handing things in.
  1. When the school contacts us (how does the school do this & how can I respond?)
  • Responding to text messages
  • Using the planner
  • School reports
  • Letters home
  • Checking my contact details.
  1. Useful information about the school
  • Clubs
  • Dates
  • Food
  • Library
  • Mobile phone policy
  • Girls' periods
  • Snow days
  • Transport
  • Uniform.
  1. Keeping informed about my child
  • About my child’s work
  • About my child’s behaviour.

If you have any other questions, please let us know and we’ll do our best to find the answer for you. Contact us at: