PSHE and Wellbeing

In PSHE, we look at issues surrounding mental health and wellbeing throughout years 7-11. Lessons are delivered for one hour every two weeks. This involves many topics, such as identifying bullying, identifying different mental health issues, body image, family relationships, wants and needs, social media, staying safe on the internet, issues with money and finance, healthy diet, staying safe in the sun, importance of sleep, mindfulness (how it works for some and not for others), issues with legal and illegal pharmaceuticals/drugs, discrimination and how to identify it, issues with pornography, contraception and STIs and where to get advice and help, teenage pregnancy, and also staying safe at festivals. 

We also work closely with ‘Tender’, an organisation that works to identify key elements of healthy and unhealthy relationships, recognise early warning signs of unhealthy relationships, explore the importance of equality and respect, understand personal boundaries and consent, increase self-confidence and empathy for others and develop awareness of where to seek or signpost support.

We use the school’s bi-annual SHEU (School Health Education Unit) survey, which the majority of students complete, in order to identify the issues that need to be addressed by the PSHE programme, as well as class surveys at the end of the year and student focus groups.

PSHE at Ralph Allen aims to help students to understand their own and others' emotions, develop healthy coping strategies and seek appropriate support. We believe talking openly about mental health issues is an effective means of breaking down any associated stigma. We want to help pupils develop the knowledge, skills and qualities they'll need to deal with the opportunities, challenges and responsibilities they will face as they grow up and to identify the things that they need to do to improve their own wellbeing throughout life. 

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