Useful Staff Contacts

Staff emails follow the same formula, i.e.:



Mr A Greenhough  BSc (Hons)

Headteacher, Science

Leadership Team


Mr A Harrison  BSc (Hons)

Deputy Headteacher; Science; Careers Lead  

Ms J Haggett  BSc (Hons)

Assistant Headteacher; Head of Sixth Form; Mathematics

Miss S Hetenyi BA (Hons)

Assistant Headteacher; Physical Education

Mr R Handley BA (Hons)

Assistant Headteacher; Educational Visits Coordinator; Physical Education

Ms H Fleming BA (Hons)

Assistant Headteacher; DSL - Designated Safeguarding Lead; Wellbeing; English Teacher

Mrs S Thompson

School Business Manager

Leadership Team Office

Mrs H Baker - ext 217, 


Mrs A Wells - ext 208,


Mrs S Elkins (Mon, Tues & Weds am) & Mrs A Wells (Weds pm, Thurs, Fri) - ext 215,


Office Manager


Headteacher's PA


Administration Officers; Assistants to Mr Harrison & Leadership Team support

Child Protection, Safeguarding & SENCO

Mrs D Wiles - ext 348, 


Mrs H Fleming - ext 353,



Mrs S Todd - ext 271,


Mrs Jo Flatman - ext 244,


Child Protection Co-ordinator


Safeguarding Lead - Student Wellbeing


Deputy DSL


Assistant SENCO, Learning intervention

Student Services & Attendance - Years 7-11

Mrs S Bessell - ext 288, 838925,

Mrs S Honeyman - ext 288, 838925,


Miss A Denes - ext 250,



Student Services Managers; all pastoral matters



Student absence/attendance

Sixth Form Office & Attendance

 - ext 258,

Mrs M Petmezas, Years12/13 - ext 294,


Sixth Form assistant/ admissions


Sixth Form attendance

Finance Office

Mrs K de Beer - ext 214,                      



Mr D Fews - ext, 203,                           


Finance Assistant; Finance, lettings enquiries, school trips & visits


Finance Assistant; Invoices, payments


Mrs C Lale - ext 275, mail to:


Mrs S Tooley - ext 275,


Exams Officer



Exams Assistant

Data and assessments

Mr T Smith - ext 339,


Mr J Graham - ext 306,


Ms I Osborne - ext 209; 838018,


Timetable Manager; Timetable and student records

Data Officer; Student records, reports & assessments, Insight access

Cover Administrator

Inclusion, Additional Educational Needs

Mrs S Todd -

Mrs A Witcombe - ext 244,


Mrs D Targett - 244,


Ms J Austin - 305


Head of Inclusions


AEN Department Assistant Manager



AEN Communications Officer 


Deputy designated lead for LAC/prev. LAC students

School Nurse 

Mr Neil Long - ext 310 (Monday 9am-3pm)

Ms Yvette Taylor - (Thursday 9am-3pm)

07976916058 /


CHAThealth is the designated school text a nurse service 07507334357


School Nursing Office 01225 831666 (Mon-Thurs voicemail available)

Bath and North East Somerset Community Health and Care Services » School Nursing


School Nurse


Clinic in a Box 

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