Ralph Allen Way Behaviour for Learning

The Ralph Allen Way is the school system for managing students’ behaviour.  It refers to the key expectations the school has of students within the school and wider community.  The Behaviour For Learning Frameworks, both Positive and Negative, are based on these ideals.

The school emphasises and focusses on the rights that are affected, not just our personal feelings or status as a teacher. Staff bring students’ attention to how their behaviour affects others by holding restorative meetings and conversations.

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Positive Behaviour Framework - House Points

We use praise, rewards and awards to promote, teach and support positive behaviour and to recognise achievement. This shows students that we value learning and effort and helps to promote a positive classroom climate and build good relations. The Positive Behaviour Framework describes the range of rewards that students may earn. This is based on a points system, and operates through the use of House Points, where students collect points and are awarded when they reach certain milestones throughout the academic year.            

The Framework supports The Ralph Allen Way in outlining the impact of positive actions. It also describes the incentives offered for achievement, attendance and displaying a positive and proactive attitude.

Negative Behaviour Framework

The Negative Behaviour Framework describes the links between negative actions and restorative options for dealing effectively with those actions.  By providing students with clarity and certainty, we encourage students to take responsibility for their own behaviour.  This is also based on a points system within SIMS Behaviour Log.  In some extreme instances students may have points deducted from their overall Praise tally (linked to the Positive Behaviour Framework and to House Points). This framework ensures that we reward students who consistently meet our expectations in The Ralph Allen Way.


We want to recognise as many students as possible in our day-to-day practice, but also have extra rewards for attainment in different areas. House points are used as our main method for rewarding.

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