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If you wish to get in touch with the Local Governance Committee at any time, please contact Sally Divall or Chris Mason, Co Chair of Governors or Binky Clark, Clerk to Governors:


Sally Divall (Co-Chair of Governors)

I have been fortunate to live in Bath for 35 years and my children grew up here and were educated at Ralph Allen School.  I studied Natural Sciences at university and worked in business and in research before becoming a science teacher.  I then worked for over 20 years as a science teacher and recently retired as a headteacher. I want all young people to be able to develop a deep love of thinking and learning while honing their skills for adult life and am excited to be part of the Ralph Allen community.  In my spare time, I enjoy reading, mountain walking and various outdoor pursuits.

Chris Mason (Co-chair of Governors) 


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Steve Casemore, (Parent Governor)

Ralph Allen School is a wonderful institution that has been providing excellent education opportunities and outcomes for local children, including my own, for many years.  It is my great pleasure to be a governor to both support, and when required, challenge the Headteacher and the decisions that the school makes.  In addition, I use the professional skills I have developed through a career in Finance to help the school make best use of its finite resources.

Nathan Jenkins

Nathan Jenkins (Headteacher)


Simeon Bates (Community Governor) 

As an accomplished and passionate educationalist, I am honoured to be newly appointed governor at Ralph Allen School.

Having qualified as a secondary and P16 teacher of Music I gained extensive professional experience when working as a practitioner, Head of Department, Programme Leader for School Centred Initial Teacher Training and Specialist Leader in Inclusive Education. The depth of practical and pedagogical knowledge alongside strategic leadership experience is what I bring to this body.

Beyond the school environment I have a keen interest in multiculturalism and social-integration; a topic that I explored during my Master’s in Arts Education and which I presented at the British Educational Research Association’s 2022 Conference. When working for the Ministry of Justice I evaluated education in prisons, employing a range of data-collection tools and reporting my findings to governmental committees. From this breadth of experience, I also bring my analytical and communicational skills.

As a father of two children attending school within the Palladian Trust. I have a vested interest, both personal and professional, in supporting the educational opportunities offered to our children.  

Daniell M
Mark Daniell (Staff Governor)

I have been teaching English for 11 years. Before I came to Ralph Allen I worked in Bristol and took up roles such as Head of Key Stage Three and Literacy Co-ordinator. Having worked at Ralph Allen for six years now I can say it is a dream job. The inclusive and supportive ethos that the school promotes shines through in everything we do. My secondary role at Ralph Allen is with the sixth form team as UCAS co-ordinator, a hugely rewarding role, providing young people with the tools to find their dream course at university. In addition to this I am responsible for trainee teachers in the English Department.

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Rod Davies (Community Governor)

As a relatively new recruit to the Local Governance Committee I hope my experience as a Headteacher and educational consultant in the field of Special Educational Needs will add to the already extensive skills set of the team. I have particular interests in all aspects of additional learning needs, behaviour management, and staff and student wellbeing.

I have a long-established link with France and would be keen to explore how this might possibly benefit staff and students at Ralph Allen School.

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Dr Julia Garratt  (Community Governor)

After retirement as a lecturer at Bath Spa University I was pleased to join the Local Governance Committee at Ralph Allen, a school I respected for its ethos and achievements. I am currently working as a counsellor and this has added to my experience of supporting young people.

My particular interests are in teaching, learning and the curriculum, enabling students of all abilities to succeed in fulfilling their potential, mental health and staff development.

My areas of responsibility are safeguarding, special educational needs, the curriculum, and membership of the Pay and Staffing Committee.

Thompson s 2019
Sarah Thompson (Staff Governor)

I have worked at Ralph Allen School since 2008 (in the role of School Business Manager for the past 2 years). I have 21 years’ experience of working in schools mostly at secondary level and have completed the Diploma in School Business Management through the National College for School Leadership.

I am passionate about the students and staff in our school having good facilities and the right environment to encourage learning. I have been a governor at Ralph Allen school for 9 years and seen many changes at the school during that time. I have Governor responsibility for Health & Safety, Campus, Parent Liaison and Staff Liaison. 


 Helena Thomas (Parent Governor)


Rachel Burns (Parent Governor)

As a member of the local governance committee, I will contribute to the work of the governing body in ensuring effective and high standards of achievement for all children and young people attending Ralph Allen School.

First and foremost I come as a parent, my children attend Ralph Allen school.  I, like many of us have first-hand experience of navigating and supporting teenage children through growing up and school life as it exists today.

As a parent and professionally as a Specialist Safeguarding Social Worker I am strongly committed to ensuring there are high aspirations for all children and that best possible outcomes for all pupils are central to the ethos and values of the school.

The Local Governance Committee's vision for the school can be read here: Our Vision and Values

Ralph Allen School Local Governance Committee Terms of ReferenceRegister of Governors' Business Interests 2022-23

Record of Governors' Attendance at Meetings 2021-22

Governors' Terms of Office



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