Attendance, Absence and Supporting your child at school

Ralph Allen School

Our vision is that students should be here all the time and on time.

Punctuality is extremely important and will be rewarded. If a student is late detentions will be given to make up the time that has been missed.

If a student is away from school, their parent/carer must phone the school on the first day and every day that the student is off school.  

Tel: 01225 832936 and select Option 1

If you do not contact the school you will receive a call/text message that morning from our absence monitoring service, to check on the child’s whereabouts. This is to help prevent unauthorised absences.  It is also important for safeguarding reasons, so that we know if a child is expected in school but hasn't arrived.

You must bring a note in for every time you are away from school on the day you return.

Parents/carers should not take family holidays in term time. The school is not able to authorise such absence on the grounds of cost or convenience. If requests for leave of absence have to be made for other reasons, then they should be made on a Leave of  Absence Request Form and will be considered by the Headteacher, Mr Nathan Jenkins. 

Leave of Absence Request Form

Supporting your child at school

Encourage them to attend regularly. Make doctor/dentist appointments outside school hours or in school holidays. Insist your child aims for 100% attendance.

  • Contact the tutor if you have any concerns.
  • Insist that your child is punctual and arrives at school before 8.40am.
  • Remind them of our shared expectations from the Home/School Agreement.
  • Check your child has the right equipment for the day before they set off for school e.g. pens, pencil, ruler, calculator.
  • Take an interest in your child’s work by asking to see their books and signing to indicate you have seen them.
  • Read and sign the student planner each week.  Check it is being used effectively.
  • Insist that they work hard – listening and following instructions.
  • Support them by attending the parents’ evening.

Dentist appointments and other absences during the school day

Students need to remember to sign in at Student Services if they are late for school or if they are leaving school during the day, either for a medical appointment or other reasons.  We would really appreciate medical and dental appointments not being made during the school day wherever possible. However, we understand that this is not always something that you can control. Afternoon appointments are best because students are likely to miss less of the school day.  As a school we only authorise a maximum of half a day for a single medical appointment; there are exceptions to this if a pupil is having a course of lengthy or specialist medical treatment. Please ensure you report the absence to the school and write in your child's planner requesting them to be absent during the school day.


Attendance policy 

Please find a link to the Trust website where you can see our attendance policy. 

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