An important reminder about parking when visiting the school

If you are dropping off during the school day (i.e. 8am-1.45pm)  please use the drop off area in the school car park. If you are collecting from an after-school club, please pull into a space in the car park and switch off your engine whilst waiting for your child. Please try not to block the entrance from the main road. 

If you are coming to school for a meeting or event, please do not park at the Sulis Club unless advised to do so on the day by a member of RAS staff. Please park at Ralph Allen School in a marked bay within the staff car park. Within the hours of 9.05am to 1.45pm we are very happy for you to use the drop off area to park as well.

Please collect students at the end of the school day in Sulis Car Park and then vacate the car park immediately once finished. The school drop off area is closed from 1.45-3.40pm to allow buses to arrive and depart, and for the safeguarding of the students, as this area gets very busy.

The exception to using Sulis car park for collection is on a Wednesday. Unfortunately, we cannot use the car park then due to the university’s own sports fixtures. We understand this may cause some inconvenience; however this is beyond our control, as we are only gifted the use of the car park on the other days of the week. We would suggest that on this day, you ask your child to remain on the school grounds until 3.40pm when the school drop off area will reopen to all traffic and you can safely drive on site to collect your child. Pupils are welcome to wait in the library after school.

Your co-operation with this is greatly appreciated as we want to continue our positive relationship with the University of Bath, owners of the Sulis Club, and could risk being stopped from using their facilities if we do not adhere to their guidelines.

In order to maintain good relationships with our other neighbours, could we also please reiterate that at no time should you be dropping off, picking up or waiting for your child at either Wessex Water, the BMI Clinic or Combe Grove.

Thank you,

Ralph Allen School

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