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Ralph Allen School Curriculum Statement of Intent

"Our intention, when designing our curriculum, is to ensure our students get what they need to achieve their individual personal best: both academically and personally.

Our curriculum is designed to help all students get the necessary skills and knowledge to be their best, and help them find their passion.

We promote teamwork and respect through our curriculum.

Be awesome, be amazing, be you."


All students follow a core subject entitlement of:

  • English, Mathematics, Science, Modern Foreign Languages (French or Spanish), Design and Technology (including Food and Nutrition, Graphics, Resistant Materials and Textiles), History, Geography, Philosophy and Ethics (which includes Religious Education), Art, Music, Drama, Physical Education, Personal Social & Health Education (PSHE) and Computer Science. Please note that we no longer offer German as a subject to study in Key Stage 3 or 4.
  • Dance is taught as part of the PE curriculum.
  • Sex and relationships education is taught as part of PSHE and Science
  • There are elements of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) education throughout the curriculum and in the Assembly programme.
  • In Year 7 students take part in the fortnightly Wednesday Window programme of curriculum enrichment.
  • Students in these years also have opportunities to take part in a wide range of extra-curricular activities.
  • In addition all students take part in the Tutorial programme, which includes the opportunity for peer mentoring and learning as well as a variety of other topics which fit in with the Assembly themes for each week of the school year.


At KS4, students follow a core curriculum of:

  • English, Mathematics, Double Science, PSHCE (including Careers Education) and PE.
  • Students also choose to follow four subjects from the following examination courses:

    Art, Computer Science, i-Media, Drama, Product Design, Food and Nutrition, French, Spanish, Geography, Health & Social Care, History, Music, Physical Education, Sport and Leisure Studies.
  • Please see the Key Stage 4 curriculum booklet (link at the bottom of the page) for further details
  • In Year 10 all students will undertake a week of work experience during term 6.


Most of our students study three A Level subjects, although some students with very strong grades in their GCSE subjects may study four A Level courses if this is appropriate for them. Resit classes in English and Maths GCSE will be studied at the same time as other A Levels, for those students who do not achieve a level 4 at GCSE in either subject.

Our students also take part in a weekly foundation PSHE programme in addition to Sixth Form assembly which covers a wide range of topics including values and morality. Students are able to complete the Extended Project and get involved in a wide range of sixth form extra-curricular activities.

Sixth Formers have comprehensive careers/higher education advice/experience provided by a programme delivered by the Sixth Form Team.

Full detail of the curriculum we offer at Key Stage 5 (Sixth Form) is detailed in the Sixth Form prospectus.

Please click here to access the Ralph Allen School Prospectus, which gives an overview of the curriculum in all key stages.Please click here to access the Previous Years KS4 Curriculum Options Booklet 2021-23.

Please click here to access the Current Year KS4 Curriculum Options Booklet 2022-24

For further information, please contact Angus Harrison, Deputy Headteacher:

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