Year 11 Mock Exam Information

Year 11 Mocks Week Commencing 20 November 2023



Please find below key information regarding the November 2023 mock exams by subject. 



5 hour exam. The mock exam counts towards 60% of the final GCSE grade.

Computer Science

Creative iMedia

Design Technology (Product Design)

 It is a full 2 hour paper. 

Exam board is OCR

If you do not have a revision guide from year 10, you can purchase one from us through SCOPAY. They are £4. 

  • Synthetic Fabric properties
  • Standard components
  • Anthropometrics
  • Ergonomics in depth
  • Templates
  • Scale drawing
  • Types of motion—Mechanisms-levers
  • Sources of energy (pros and cons)
  • Renewable energy In depth, Inc. advantage and disadvantages

Section 3 insert

  • Themo and thermoset plastics, Advantages and disadvantages
  • 6Rs recycling upcycling
  • LIFECYCLE ANALYSIS of a timber product
  • Softwoods hardwoods
  • 6Rs recycling upcycling
  • Commercial manufacturing
  • Marking out
  • Wasting moulding
  • Assembly finishing
  • Quality assurance
  • Environmental impact
  • Product lifecycle
  • Marketing
  • Communication ideas

I have made a booklet of what to revise, also on teams

Online Resources


Seneca Learning has free mini quiz resources you can use.

You need to click on ‘students use for free’. Search for Design & Technology OCR Product Design

BBC Bitesize

Technology Student


Component 3 Drama Mock exam.

The exam will focus on the play ‘DNA’ and include the three sections which are in the final exam – Acting, Director, Designer.

There will not be a theatre evaluation question in the mock exam.

The extract will come from ACT 2; so make sure you have read and re-read it and prepared some design decisions.  

Remember you have lots of exemplars and ‘top tips’ in your folders and full details re the paper and revision resources are on class charts.  Use them!

English Language

  • Component 2 (Non-fiction)
  • Time: 1 ½ hours
  • Component 2a - Reading –1 hour
  • Read 2 Non-Fiction extracts and answer 6 questions
  • For 10 mark questions you need to spend 10 minutes on them and write a whole page of A4 exam paper.
  • Some questions are 3 mark questions, and can be answered with bullet points and should only take 5 minutes.
  • Component 2b – writing 30 minutes - 1 piece of non-fiction yourself.
  • Spend 25 minutes on each task. Spend 2 minutes planning before you start and 3 minutes proof-reading.
  • You may be asked to write: a formal or informal letter, an article for a magazine, a speech, a report, a review or a leaflet.
  • For the Mock we are telling you in advance that you need to REVISE:
  • Formal letters
  • Speeches
  • Articles 

English Literature

  • Single two hour paper
  • Section A: Romeo and Juliet – 1 hour
  • 1x Extract only question
    • 20 minutes, 1-1 ½ pages
  • 1 x Essay question on either Lord Capulet, Juliet or the Nurse in Acts 1-3 
    • 40 minutes, 2-3 pages
  • You should revise:
  • Juliet’s character, her relationships and her role in the play
  • Lord Capulet’s character, his relationships and his role in the play
  • The nurse, her relationship with Juliet and her role in the play.


  • Section B: Eduqas Poetry Anthology- 1 hour
    • 20 minutes - part (a) - write about the printed poem
    • 40 minutes -  part (b) - select any other poem with a similar theme to compare
  • You should revise: 
  • Death of a Naturalist
  • Hawk Roosting
  • To Autumn
  • One of these will be printed on the exam paper but you must also revise the other two to be sure you can write the comparison.

Food Preparation and Nutrition

Students have had a paper copy with a list of topics on their mock exam paper and the information is also on Class charts.

The paper will be 1 ¾  hour - all compulsory questions,  short and long answers


Paper 1 (physical) will be sat in the main hall during mock week.

Paper 2 (human) will be sat in the following week across two lessons in the classroom.

Revision guide checklist for paper 1 and 2: Geography-Mock-Revision-Guide-2023.docx



5 hour exam. The mock exam counts towards 60% of the final GCSE grade.


Students will be completing their mock exam in a 2 hour session in which they will sit two papers at the same time.

The first paper is Russia: Tsardom to Communism, 1984-1945

The second paper is Norman England, c.1066-1100.

Both papers are equally weighted. We follow the AQA specification. 


Revision sessions have been taking place since September on a Wednesday after school in the History classrooms.

Maths (Foundation and Higher)

Modern Foreign Languages

Revise all 6 topics from year 10

Revise the first topic of year 11 (environment).

You will be sitting all four skills (reading, listening, speaking, writing)


The exam is 1 hour 45 mins. You will be all together (both option blocks) for the exam so check the timetable carefully.

Questions as follows:

Section A (short answer)

  1. Defying Gravity
  2. Bach Brandenburg (we haven't done this yet in full detail but you can answer the questions as all link to MADTSHIRTT and Baroque music textures)
  3. Sambe Em Preludio
  4. Beethoven Pathetique
  5. Star Wars
  6. Killer Queen
  7. Melodic and Rhythmic dictation
  8. Film unfamiliar

Section B - comparison essay

Purcell Music for a While and another piece of vocal music - evoking emotions


Remember there are loads of resources to aid revision in the files area on Teams - use them!



Philosophy and Ethics (Religious Studies)

Ethics Paper ONLY. Choose 4/6 topic to revise. There will be a 1 and ¾ hour long exam.

The religion papers will be done in class. Beliefs will be one hour. Practices will be one hour.

Each student has a brown revision guide which contains all that is needed for the course.


5 hour exam. The mock exam counts towards 60% of the final GCSE grade.

Sciences: Key Information & Checklists



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