The Examinations Officer is Mrs Carol-Anne Lale, contactable by email c.lale@palladianacademytrust.com or telephone 01225 838014


Internal mock exams

Internal mock examinations will be conducted under formal examination conditions using the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) regulations for students to experience the expectations for external exams. Students should familiarise themselves with the information within the candidate handbook and the JCQ publications shown as links under Information for Candidates below. The awarding bodies take the security and integrity of external examinations very seriously. The handbook and the JCQ publications give students guidance on examination procedures and thereby eliminating possibilities of any suspected candidate malpractice arising in external exams which could lead to penalties and potential disqualification.

Year 12 mocks week commencing 8 July 2024

Year 12 Mock Timetable 8-12-July 20242023-24 Candidate Handbook Year12/13 Mocks


External summer exams 

Summer exams will take place between 9 May - 21 June 2024*

The Joint Council of Qualifications (JCQ) have released their key dates for 2024 and have set the following contingency dates:

• Thursday 6 June 2024 (Afternoon session)

• Thursday 13 June 2024 (Afternoon Session)

• Wednesday 26 June 2024 (All day)

*Wednesday 26 June 2024 is also the last date that any exam can take place on, should it have to be moved from its original date or time.

The JCQ states: “The designation of a ‘contingency day’ within the common examination timetable is in the event of national or significant local disruption to examinations. It is part of the awarding bodies’ contingency planning for examinations”. Students are advised to stay available up to and including Wednesday 26 June 2024 should an awarding body need to invoke its contingency plan.

Please see the summer 2024 timetable below. Once exam entries have been made, students will be issued with their individual timetables. These should be carefully checked and any issues reported to the exams office immediately. Occasionally exam clashes can occur when two or more exams are scheduled for the same session. There is no need to notify us of these clashes as they will be routinely resolved and students advised.   

Summer exam timetable 2024

June 2024 Candidate Handbook

Ofqual have produced a number of documents to help students prepare for their assessments.

Ofqual Student Checklist

Ofqual Student Guide

Information for candidates

The following information is issued by the Joint Council for Qualifications and should be read and understood by students taking external examinations.

Information for candidates - Written Examinations

Information for candidates - Onscreen Tests

Information for candidates - Non Examination Assessment

Information for candidates - Coursework

Privacy notice

Social media

Warning to candidates

Unauthorised items poster

AI in Assessments - A quick guide for students 

Preparing to sit your exams 

Internal Appeals Procedure

Our internal appeals procedure covering internally assessed marks and post results services has recently been updated. Internal Appeals Procedure Policy


On exam day

Candidates must arrive on time.

Should you experience problems on your journey to any of your exams e.g. you are unwell or delayed, please contact the Exams Officer on 01225 838014. If we are unavailable to take your call, please leave a message including your name and telephone number in case we need to call you back.

If you arrive late, but before the published start time, go to your exam venue.  You may be asked to report to the Exam Officer if your absence has already been reported.

If you arrive after the published start time you must report to the Exam Officer in the first instance and will be taken to your exam venue.

In exceptional circumstances If you do arrive later than 1 hour past the starting time: 

  • you will be allowed to sit the exam only at the discretion of the Exams Officer.
  • a full written report will be sent to the awarding body.
  • you will be advised that the awarding body may not accept your work.

Illness or absence

Illness and other absences must be reported to the Exams Officer prior to the exam beginning. A parent/carer must ring the exam officer on 01225 838014 if for any reason you are unable to attend your exam and advise her accordingly. This action should be taken before your exam takes place.

In the event of illness during your exam you must advise the invigilator at the time of your exam.

Special considerations

Special consideration is a post-examination adjustment to a candidate’s mark or grade. This is to reflect temporary illness, temporary injury or some other event outside of a candidate’s control at the time of the assessment. For further details, please see a guide to the special consideration process

You must tell an invigilator at the time of your exam if you feel unwell or experience any other circumstances that affect your performance. You will be asked to complete a special considerations request form if you meet the eligibility criteria.

If you have been absent from an examination due to illness you will be asked to complete a JCQ/ME Form 14 and return it to the exam officer with supporting evidence.

Results Days

Being present on results days is advisable so you can access support and guidance from members of staff on site should you need to.

If you wish a relative or friend to collect your results you must send a signed letter of authorisation with the collector. Results will not be given over the telephone under any circumstance. Any results not collected on the day will be posted to your home address. Please make us aware of any changes.

If you are unable to receive your results via the options above it is possible to view them on Talaxy from 11am.

A level Results Day Thursday 15 August

Results will be available for collection from the Sixth Form Centre. The collection window will be confirmed after Easter.

If you have applied to university then please bring your UCAS number and password so you can log on to UCAS Track at school.

Do not come before the collection window opens as we need time to organise the results and prepare the best advice for those who need it. Some students will receive notifications from universities via email or Track so access to a computer is very helpful. We have computers available at school.

Miss Haggett, the exams team and the sixth form team will also be available if students have questions. Information regarding review of marking and post exam result services will be given out on results day.

GCSE Results Day Thursday 22 August

Results will be available for collection from the Sixth Form Centre. The collection window will be confirmed after Easter.

Students planning to join the sixth form will be asked to join a queuing system to enrol and will wait in the Sixth Form Centre Hub area. Members of the Senior Leadership Team will be able to discuss any queries regarding missed entry requirements for future courses. Mrs Lale will be available for queries concerning post exam results services. Information regarding review of marking and post exam result services will be given on results day.

The Sixth Form team will only be available until 2pm if students have further questions.

Mrs Lale will be available for queries concerning post exam results services. Information regarding review of marking and post exam result services will be given out on result day and posted on the website. Please check back here nearer the time for further details.


Post results

There are two types of post results services available should you be concerned over your results. You may request access to your script (ATS) to have an insight to how your exam was marked. You may also request a review of results (RoR) to request a review of marking by a senior examiner.

Details of post result services, deadlines and how to apply for these services will be included within your results envelope and posted on the school website. 


External examinations and assessments 2023-24

Details of the courses, specification codes and awarding bodies for assessment summer 2024 are shown below.

GCSE and Equivalent 

A Level and Equivalent



You are strongly advised to make every effort to collect your certificates. Your certificates are valuable documents. Valuable in the sense that replacements can cost up to £50 per certificate but also as they are proof you studied at Ralph Allen School and completed the course. This is irrespective of the grades you achieved.

If you go on to further education at any time in the future you will need to produce them. Many employers will also ask to see them. It is in your interest to collect your certificates even if you don’t think you will ever need them.

We are only obliged to keep your certificates for one year after which they will be securely destroyed. Replacements will only be available directly from the relevant awarding bodies at a cost as previously mentioned.

GCSE certificates summer 2024

A celebration event will be arranged towards the end of the year allowing students to come back together and collect certificates. The date of this event will be published on the school website and emailed to parents.

If you are unable to attend the celebration evening, there are other ways to collect your certificates. Students remaining at Ralph Allen School will be issued with their certificates via their tutors. If students do not remain at Ralph Allen to attend sixth form, certificates will be made available for collection from the main school reception for a limited period. 

A level certificates summer 2024

A celebration event will be arranged late 2024/early 2025 allowing you to come back together and collect your certificates. The date of this event will be published on the school website and emailed to alumni. If you are unable to attend this event certificates will be made available for collection from the main school reception for a limited period. 

Previous years certificates

There is limited availability to collect previous years certificates and this can be done by prior arrangement only. Certificates will not be available during examinations or results periods. You should either;

1. Email Mrs Petmezas, Examinations Assistant m.petmezas@palladianacademytrust.com asking to arrange collection. If you are unable to collect certificates yourself you may email Mrs Petmezas with details of who you would like to collect them on your behalf. The nominated person will need to bring photo ID with them upon collection. Unfortunately if we cannot see any ID we will not be able to release your certificates.

2. Complete and return the certificate postage request form to request postage of your certificates together with a payment of £4.50 to cover the cost of recorded delivery and packaging. 

Certificate Posting Form

I’ve lost my examination certificates, where can I get hold of copies?

You will need to contact the awarding body directly to receive a replacement certificate or certified statement of results https://www.gov.uk/replacement-exam-certificate. If you cannot remember which awarding body you took your examinations with you will need to contact each in turn to see if they have a record of you achieving a qualification with them. Please note that there is generally a charge for issuing confirmation of qualifications and you will need to be able to prove that you are the certificate holder.

Examination Policy

The examination policy can be found under Trust policies, Annual reports and Statutory information. 


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