Year 11 Wellbeing Days

Alongside intensive intervention programmes to help prepare our students for their GCSE exams (including extra revision classes after school and individualised strategies employed to support students to improve their attainment), we want to support our students through this potentially stressful time by encouraging resilience and providing strategies to help them cope with the normal stresses of life.

Every year we run a Wellbeing day for all Year 11 students. Ralph Allen Staff want to celebrate and reward our year 11 students for all their work over the last five years in this school by organising a relaxing and fun Wellbeing and Reward Day and to say THANK YOU for being resilient, conscientious, kind and positive.

Year 11 students are offered a series of workshops delivered by Ralph Allen staff and some professional agencies. All the workshops are especially designed to support revision and encourage our students to have some fun with their friends, while learning some new skills. This unique and positive experience is extremely beneficial for our students. We are delighted to be able to offer this opportunity to help our students to learn more about ways to improve their well-being every year. Student voice is extremely positive and we continue to develop this experience based on their feedback:

“Yoga – it was sick, different to normal and very relaxing, something I can try at home and was something I hadn’t tried before.  I learnt techniques we could use whilst revising.”

“The Pamper café was amazing as we got some downtime to relax and talk, it didn’t feel like school, it was a lovely environment.  The amount of effort put into it was amazing. It was a great experience due to all the teachers and their cakes.”

“It showed the teachers do care.”

“The Wellbeing day did what it was supposed to do – calm and de-stress me. The day was really special thank you!”

 “The dog grooming workshop was very calming, I was with a lot of my friends which was relaxing and it was a lovely dog!”

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