House Points and Ralph Allen Rewards System

Ralph Allen School

Rewards at Ralph Allen

House Points

At Ralph Allen we appreciate the importance that rewards and praise play in the lives of students. We are ever in pursuit of excellence and we use a system of House Points to reward students.

Students who have 100% attendance and no behaviour points are also entered into a raffle with the chance to win a £10 Amazon voucher. This resets every week.

School Council are also working with the school to assign rewards at different milestones.

The top 100 students at the end of the year will be eligible for a reward (details to be decided).

House competition

Students will have to represent the House in at least two competitions and at least one representation out of lesson time

(The House that is leading in House points at Christmas, Easter and summer will have a non-uniform day and associated reward voted for by the winning house.)

Mr Jenkins, Headteacher

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