School Day/Absence from school

All post 16 students are expected to be on the school campus from 8.40am until 12.30pm, either in lessons or completing independent study.

If students do not have a timetabled lesson period 4 or 5 then they can:

a.  Sign out at the Lee Sixth Form Centre and complete independent study at home (a timetable should be completed and signed by Ms Haggett authorising this home study time and a copy of this agreement is given to the student upon its completion).

b.  Sign in at the Lee Sixth Form Centre to complete independent study in the library learning resources area, Lee Centre or ICT spaces.

c.  Complete ‘community action’/’additional studies’ tasks such as supporting KS3 lessons or helping in the library or canteen.

Individual study programmes are sometimes authorised by Ms Haggett. We may withdraw permission to study off site and insist students work in the school library if the student is underachieving and missing deadlines.

On-site and Off-site study is individually timetabled so it appears on the students timetables, hence signing in and out is essential to accurate attendance data collection.


Independent study off-site

Post 16 students are expected to attend registration at 8.40am-9.05am each day and assembly on Fridays.

If students do not have a timetabled lesson for period 1 (9.05am) then after registration they can sign in at the Lee Centre and complete independent study in: the library learning resources area; the Lee Sixth Form Centre, or any free classrooms/ICT spaces.


Absence from school

If a student is unwell or unable to attend school, a parent/carer must phone the school.  Please call 01225 832936 ext 294 to leave a message for Mrs James before 8.30am on the first day of absence and on all subsequent days. 


Contact with tutors

If you wish to contact the student's tutor direct, the email address convention is the intial of the staff member's first name dot then surname, i.e.

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