Extra-Curricular Enrichment & Wellbeing

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Ralph Allen School

Extra-Curricular Enrichment and Wellbeing

The main purpose of extracurricular clubs is to give all students opportunities to become involved in the wider world of school. Taking part in a club at Ralph Allen will give a sense of belonging, boost confidence and will give rise to lots of opportunities to explore new experiences, make new friendships, improve wellbeing and gain lots of life skills.  The life skills that students can build through attending a Sports club, expressing themselves creatively through Art, Photography, Music, IT, DT, Debating, Library or Drama clubs - to name just a few - are invaluable and instrumental in helping students to become positive, happy and proud of themselves.

The many other extracurricular clubs offered include subject-specific sessions which all aim to reinforce the lessons learned in the classroom in a more relaxed environment, with familiar faces giving extra tuition. 

At Ralph Allen we are continually adapting and adding to the extracurricular timetable to make sure that we are meeting the needs of our students and encouraging them to engage in extracurricular school life. Roman Boxing has been our newest initiative which started due to students wanting to experience a brand new activity.  

Last academic year, those who were involved in the numerous sporting activities, dance show, drama production and music concerts will have taken away lifelong memories of fun and laughter at Ralph Allen School.  We were very pleased to have over 80% of students take advantage of our extracurricular programme.

We will continue with our aim to make sure our clubs offer a space to have fun and relax away from the pressures of school life. 

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