Code of Conduct

Ralph Allen School


Students in the Sixth Form are asked to wear clean, smart casual clothing. We currently do not have a school uniform in the Sixth Form, however, being in a school environment there are rules and dress codes to which students must adhere.

The Sixth Form dress code allows for jeans, as an example, but not ripped jeans. Cropped trousers and longer tailored shorts will be permitted. Sports shorts should only be worn in PE lessons.  

We should not be able to see underwear either through clothing or due to the length of clothing. We should not be able to see underwear above jeans/trousers.   

In the warmer months, we ask students to remember that cooler clothes are sensible but beach wear is not appropriate. Vest tops and t-shirts should cover underwear and stomachs. Cropped tops are not to be worn to school. See-through or backless clothing is also not permitted.  Students need to be mindful of logos and printed text on clothing. Some may not be suitable for a school environment.   

If we feel it necessary then a member of staff or the Sixth Form student council, after consultation with a member of Leadership Team, will speak to any students whose clothing is not in line with the school’s expectations.

Jewellery should be minimalist for school (e.g. one pair of earrings, a necklace or one discreet nose stud). We do not permit students to wear, as examples, septum rings or jewellery on their teeth. Visible body piercing is generally NOT acceptable.  

Hair should be a natural colour. We will not allow, for example; dyed purple, pink, green, or blue hair. 

Students are expected to have a business wear outfit. We occasionally run charity non-uniform days when fancy dress is allowed. We have smart business dress days which are once or twice a term.  Business wear might be: a full suit; a smart shirt/blouse, jacket and smart trousers; a dress and smart jacket; smart skirt/trousers and top; and worn with smart shoes. In simpler terms, we would not expect to see students wearing jeans and trainers on a business dress day.

Students will be asked to go home and change if seen wearing inappropriate clothing for school. The Head of Sixth Form/Leadership Team will determine what is considered appropriate dress and their decision is final and non-negotiable. Sixth Form is part of the school, the main school is in full school uniform. We hope everyone can work together to support suitable smart casual wear and to appreciate that some items of clothing will be best worn when not in school.  


Please find the sixth form code of conduct and student contract here.

Identification and Safeguarding 

It is a safeguarding requirement for all Sixth Form students to visibly wear their student identification (ID) lanyard.  This is essential as Sixth Form students do not wear a school uniform and need to be recognisable to main school students and staff. 

All students will be issued with their own student ID lanyard and will be responsible for its safe keeping. Replacement ID will incur a charge of £5. For safeguarding and security reasons, students must not bring external visitors on to the school site.

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