School Council

Why a School Council?

Every student at Ralph Allen should feel that their voice can be heard. That's why our school council meets every other week.


The Structure

The council is run by the current Senior Students and consists of one student from each year and from every house.


What Do We Do?

We discuss issues both big and small. We like to alternate between two types of council meeting.

In the first, we have a specific focus of the day - such as site development or the environment. In these sessions, we invite special guests from around the school to help get initiatives going.

In the second type of council meeting, we get into small groups and work on our own ideas and plans. In the past this has included setting up a school newspaper.


Our Aims

In particular, we would like to improve the channels of communication between students, teachers and governors. Over the last year a lot of great changes have been made to the school, such as the introduction of the new house system.


Have Something To Say?

We would love to hear from you. If you have an issue or question then speak to one of your student representatives.

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