House & Curriculum Team Leaders' Email Addresses

House Teams



Head of House  Mr S Tennant
Assistant Head of House Ms A Walsh



Head of House  Mrs R Buckland
Assistant Head of House  Mr T Richards



Head of House  Miss S Hunt
Assistant Head of House  Mr M Withey



Head of House  Mr J Forrester
Assistant Head of House  Mrs Pursall


Curriculum Team Leaders

English  Mr L Trowell
Maths  Mr E Gill

Science  Mr A Blair
Art and Photography  Mrs A Lundy
Computing and ICT  Mr A Torofdar
Design Technology    Mr P Morrison
Drama  Ms L Hobbs
Geography  Mr S Paisley
History  Ms J Walker
Inclusion  Mrs S Todd
Modern Foreign Languages  Miss C Sans
Music and Music Technology  Mrs K Randall
Philosophy & Ethics  Mr J Mellor
Physical Education  Mr P Davis



Tutor Groups Term 4 2023

Hippogriff House Tutor Email

Tutor Group Tutor/Tutors Email addresses 
Hg 1

Ms J Harrison

Mrs A Wallace

Hg 2 Mrs K Randall

Hg 3 Ms C Barker
Hg 4 Mr R Tremblen
Hg 5 Mr B Hazell
Hg 6 Mr L Trowell
Hg 7 

Mrs C O'Leary

Mr T Smith

Hg 8  Mr A Blair
Hg 9

Mrs J Ackroyd

Ms A Flight

Hg 10 Ms E Cheesman
1213 Hg-MD Mr M Daniel
1213 Hg-JOM Mr J Mellor
1213 Hg-LCG 

Mr L Coombes-Guy

Mrs E Cradock

Dragon House Tutor Email 

Tutor Group Tutor/Tutors Email addresses 
Dr 1 Mr P Morrison
Dr 2 Mr W Wilkinson

Dr 3 Mx T Goward
Dr 4 Ms C Sans
Dr 5

Mrs J Durston

Mrs J Sparks

Dr 6 Mr P Oldham
Dr 7 

Mrs C Woodhouse

Mr T Hancock

Dr 8  Mrs S Tasker
Dr 9

Ms J Woodburn-Park

Mrs H Horobin

Dr 10

Ms C Quibell

Mrs J Platt

1213 Dr-AL Mrs A Lundy
1213 Dr-KF

Mrs K Forrester

Mr J Roe


Pegasus House Tutor Email 

Tutor Group Tutor/Tutors Email addresses 
Pg 1 Mrs S Rogers
Pg 2

Mrs L Clintworth

Mrs E Yates

Pg 3 Ms C Cowen
Pg 4 Ms Y Tornero-Perez
Pg 5

Ms M Benezech

Ms V Perry

Pg 6 Mr L Sinclair-Emerson
Pg 7  Mr K Hunter
Pg 8  Mr E Gill
Pg 9 Ms E Morris
Pg 10

Mr N Penrose

Mrs N Hodkinson

1213 Pg-LB Mrs L Muddle
1213 Pg-Sp Mr S Paisley

Phoenix House Tutor Email 

Tutor Group Tutor/Tutors Email addresses 
Px 1

Mrs J Tanner

Mrs E Brown

Px 2 Ms J Walker

Px 3

Mr P Davis

Mr T Hancock

Px 4

Mrs L Rosedale

Ms M Calvin

Px 5 Mr A Torofdar
Px 6 Ms J Miller
Px 7  Mr B Singh
Px 8  Ms J Symes
Px 9 Ms H Symons
Px 10 Dr S Skidmore
1213 Px-LJH Ms L Hosford
1213 Px-LH

Ms L Hobbs

Ms J Henderson

1213 Px-W

Ms T Sessions

Mrs C Smith

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