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Welcome to Parent Circle

Parent Circle is a once triannual opportunity for parents and carers from Ralph Allen School to meet and connect with each other. This group has no association with fundraising or PTA events (for this contact RASA ; These meetings are run by volunteer parents from the school and are open to all school parents and carers. They provide an informal time and space where parents can find out more about school life by sharing their family's day to day experiences of being at Ralph Allen. If you would like to get involved and volunteer as part of the group let us know.

Upcoming dates will be posted below and on the RA Newsletter.

Triannual Parent Circle Meeting Dates

Weds 23rd Nov 2022 at 6.30pm – 8pm in the RAS 6th Form Lee centre

Weds 1st March 2023 at 6.30pm – 8pm in the RAS 6th Form Lee centre

Weds 17th May 2023 at 6.30pm – 8pm in the RAS 6th Form Lee centre


RAS Parent Walks

Also of interest, is the RAS parent walks which proved to be a popular opportunity to connect with other parents/carers last year. Running once a month at 8.45am from the Sulis car park for approximately 1 hour – wrap up and wear suitable footwear as it can be muddy. Simply join the ‘RAS Parent Walk’ WhatsApp group and let people know you plan to walk.


If you plan to attend Parent Circle please email us to confirm


During the sessions, there is often a predetermined school-related theme that parents can discuss sharing their own experiences and knowledge. Sometimes a member of the school staff is invited by the group to attend and talk about a particular subject raised by parents.  Whilst the school may consult with parents via Parent Circle on certain issues, the sessions are first and foremost a forum for parents to speak freely about their or their child's experiences of school.  There is always time and space for all parents to contribute and bring their own opinions and experiences.

Meetings are attended by a wide variety of parents from many backgrounds. It is a pleasure and inspiration to realise how much parents and carers have in common and how helpful these meetings can be, it is always valuable to hear different people's experiences.

The aim of Parent Circle is to support parents who may be at different or similar stages of the same journey. The school are very supportive of Parent Circle as insights gained from the conversations at meetings can and have benefited the school by enabling ongoing development and in the long run better outcomes for the students.

The format of the meetings aim to identify Learning for the Parent Circle group – things we’ve discovered that are relevant to parents of Ralph Allen studentsLearning for the School – things that have come up that the school might benefit from hearing, and Celebration – positive things that we/our children have experienced at Ralph Allen, given that most organisations mainly get told the negative things. Notes from the meeting will be fed back to the school via the Parent Circle volunteers.

To ensure the sustainability of Parent Circle we need other parents to get involved.  If you are interested in supporting the team please email


Coming to Parent Circle:

  • A time and place for Ralph Allen parents and carers to come together.
  • Meet, talk and share with other parents from the school community.
  • Gain insights from old & new parents and share experiences.
  • Connect to your child's transition to secondary school.
  • Understand more about how the school works


Ralph Allen Schools approach to Parent Circle:

  • The school actively supports and welcomes Parent Circle.
  • A way to engage with the parent body.
  • The senior leadership team will be informed of issues raised through meeting notes.
  • RAS is open to reviewing existing strategies and will consider possible options for change.
  • In the past RAS has consulted with the PC group using feedback to develop new initiatives.


As a result of the discussions at Parent Circle Meetings:

  • Parent focus groups have helped work with the school on developments and initiatives including the Wellbeing Strategy.
  • The school has run digital media and safeguarding workshops for parents.
  • Parent Circle has run a variety of parent surveys.
  • Parent Circle has produced a document of ways for parents to tackle screen time with students at home.
  • Transport Survey around after school clubs transport.


Get involved to make Parent Circle more sustainable.

Email us at




For a video about Parent Circle click here:
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