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Parent Circle meetings 2019-20:

Term 2: Wednesday 20 November 2019

Term 3: Wednesday 22 January 2020

Term 4: Thursday 12 March 2020

Term 5: Wednesday 13 May 2020

Term 6: Thursday 18 June 2020

All meetings are 6.30-8pm in the Lee Sixth Form Centre at RAS.

For the Parent Circle video, click here:

Parent Circle

Parent Circle is a group run by parents for parents. It was started in September 2012 with the aim of creating a sustainable new way for parents to get involved with Ralph Allen School. It’s a place to discuss your/your child’s experience of the school and talk to other people at similar stages in the parenting journey.

About Parent Circle meetings

Our meetings are casual. They provide us with an opportunity to share experiences and discuss possibilities. We are discovering how much we have in common and how beneficial conversations can be.

Having talked as a group and with senior management at the school, we have agreed to circulate feedback to the senior management team as well as the group after each meeting. We are using three headings for this feedback:

  • Learning for the Parent Circle group – things we’ve discovered that are relevant to parents of Ralph Allen students.
  • Learning for the school – things that have come up that the school might benefit from hearing.
  • Celebration – positive things that we/our children have experienced at Ralph Allen (given that most organisations mainly get told the negative things).

We decide collectively what should be included in the feedback at the end of each meeting. Responses from the school will be discussed at the following meeting.

We hope to see you at our meetings. If you are not able to attend but would like to hear what’s been discussed, we can send you the feedback by email. To join this mailing list, or to raise any questions, please contact us here.  

Please see the links to the Parent Circle Facebook page and twitter feed - do sign up for both to keep in touch with what's going on. - @RASParentCircle

Parent Circle is:

·          A time and place for Ralph Allen parents and carers to come together.

·          Run by RAS parents for RAS parents. 

·          Creates a new way for parents to engage more with their child's experience of secondary school.

·         Time to meet, talk and share with other parents.

·         A different way to connect with the school community.  

·         A way to feel less disconnected when your child transitions to secondary school.

·         Realise that all parents are welcome at Ralph Allen School.

·         Meet parents on the same journey, having the same experiences and share your concerns.

·         Meet parents who can offer insights about the different stages that they have already experienced.

·         Feel reassured and more engaged

·         Parent Cirlce notes are shard to Insight

·         An opportunity to understand more about how the school works

Ralph Allen Schools approach to Parent Circle:

·         The school actively supports and welcomes Parent Circle.

·         Find it a useful way to engage with the parent body.

·         The senior leadership team always consider and respond to the issues raised through the meeting notes.

·         In response to the meeting notes the school shares existing strategies or considers possible options for change.

·         Has often consulted with the group using feedback to develop new initiatives.

As a result of the discussions at Parent Circle Meetings:

·         Parent focus groups have helped work with the school on developments and initiatives.

·         Parents from Parent Circle have created a Parents FAQs page on the website.

·         The school has run digital media and safeguarding workshops for parents.

·         Parent Circle has run a variety of parent surveys.

·         Parent Circle has produced a document of ways for parents to tackle screen time with students at home.

·         Transport Survey around after school clubs transport.

To make Parent Circle more sustainable, we run training for parents and our team has recently grown to five. 

Just in case you aren’t clear, here is what Parent Circle is NOT:

·          Fundraising

·          Social events organising

·          Cake Sales

·          Volunteering

For any of these you need to contact RASA (Ralph Allen School Association) on
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