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Work experience Monday 10 - Friday 14 July 2023

Year 10 students have the exciting and beneficial opportunity to complete a week of work experience in the week of Monday 10 to Friday 14 July 2023.

Undertaking a week of work placement can be a very valuable experience for students. It deepens their understanding about what a career in the placement area involves, helps them to understand their own strengths and areas to develop in relation to employability skills and can also give them first-hand experience on which to draw in future applications/interviews. 

We encourage all our students to undertake work experience. Our designated week of work experience comes near the very end of the school year when all students’ exams and controlled assessments for their GCSEs have finished.  There is not time for students to undertake work experience in Year 11 as they go into the final stages of their GCSE courses. During the work experience week (Monday 10 - Friday 14 July 2023) there will be no Year 10 lessons. Those students who have not managed to find a placement, even with our support, will stay in school and carry out silent study.

Past experience has shown that it is best for students to find the placement themselves. We will of course support them throughout the process.  Many very successful placements arise out of personal contacts that students have through their friends or relations. Students have to be able to get themselves to the placement, so it is generally best if it is a local placement, but some students do go further afield where families can make the necessary arrangements. In school tutors will be encouraging their Year 10 students in finding a placement and if more help is needed then appointments can be made with our Careers Advisor or Teacher in charge of Careers Education, Mrs Rogers.

After placements have been found, a health and safety form needs to be filled out and signed by the student, the parent and the employer before any placement can take place. Each placement also has to be assessed to make sure that it complies with safeguarding and health and safety requirements. This is a legal requirement. 

The deadline for finding placements is Friday 7 April 2023.

Parents. carers - please start to discuss work experience with your child's to get thinking about suitable opportunities.


Work Placement - Health & Safety Form 

Students, please provide the employers with your full name and date of birth.



Full List of Companies to approach for Work Experience Placement

Email template to send to employers- please adjust to suit.

Year 10 GCSE Study Skills Evening presentation

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