When the school contacts you

Responding to text messages

  • How can I respond if I have questions about a text message from the school?

You should phone Reception on 01225 832936. They will put you through to the right person. (The school is currently exploring whether there is enough space to include the relevant school number in the text.)

  • How do I respond to an urgent text message from the school about my child?

You should phone Reception on 01225 832936.  If it is concerning truancy key in extension 250 for the Attendance Officer when requested to do so.     

If you have more than one child at the school, the Attendance Officer will know which child the message was about. (The school is exploring whether there is enough space to include the student’s name in the text.)

Using the planner

  • How does the school use the planner to communicate with parents? And how should parents use the planner? 

Parents can use the planner to write notes to their child’s tutor or to individual teachers if they have any concerns. It is intended as a communication tool for students, teachers and parents, so parents please check your child’s planner at least once a week.

School reports

  • If parents/carers don’t acknowledge receipt of a school report, does the school follow this up to check that it’s been received?

The school is exploring the best way/s of following this up.

Letters home

  • Do all letters home go up on the website and/or on Frog?

The school aims to do this wherever possible. See the Letters, forms and documents section of the website.  On the website there is a filter on the page (top right), so you can search by year group/subject matter.

Checking your contact details

  • How can I check that the school has correct contact details for me?

The school checks and updates its records at the start of each school year. In between these annual checks, you can email enquiries or contact the Data Office on ext 208 to make sure the school has accurate details. To do this:

Email: enquiries@ralphallenschool.com

Phone: 01225 832936 x 208.