Useful information about the school


  • How do I know what clubs are available after school and at lunchtime?

In the Information section/clubs and extra-curricular activities on the school website

  • How do I know when clubs start (date/time)?

Most clubs start in Week 2 of Term 1. Different clubs are introduced at the start of Term 3 and Term 5. Details of all clubs are available online.

  • If clubs are cancelled, how will my child be informed and where can they wait until they can be collected?

Information about cancelled clubs is dealt with on an individual basis, depending on the club and the situation. 

If an after school club is unavoidably cancelled without prior notice, students can go to the library (until 4.15 Mon-Thurs, until 3.45 Fri). After this, they can wait in the Hall or in Reception.


  • Where can I find out about key dates?

See the calendar on the website.  The planner contains all the key dates known at the start of the academic year. During the school year, all new dates and updates are posted on the calendar (including whether it is week A or B).


  • What food is available at school? 

Sample menus and information about times when food is available can be seen on the website.  Parents are welcome to come into school to try out the meals. Parent Circle is also setting up a ‘food team’ to liaise with the school about food. 

All food is cooked on the premises using fresh ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible. The school aims to provide a range of healthy food. For example, no salt is used, and wholemeal flour is used in pastry and dough.

  • Does the school cater for students with allergies/food intolerances?

The kitchen is a nut-free zone to minimise risk to students with nut allergies. For more detail about particular concerns, talk to the catering staff: or speak to Mrs Debbie Ovens, Catering Manager 01225 838012.

  • Can I find out what my child has been eating? 

Yes, if they use a school smartcard, you can see what they have bought on Scopay, where you make your online payments.

  • What happens if my child loses their smartcard?

They should speak to the catering staff at the end of either break or lunchtime. Alternatively, you can contact the  catering staff: or speak to Mrs Debbie Ovens, Catering Manager 01225 838012.

Girls’ periods

  • Who at school can help if girls start their periods?

The Student Services Key Workers can offer advice and support. They and the PE Department keep a stock of sanitary towels. 

Library (in the Learning Resource Centre)

  • What are the library’s opening hours (for students)?

8.15am – 4.15pm (Mon-Thurs) 

8.15 – 3.45 (Fri)

  • If the library is closed before or after school, where can my child wait?

In the Hall.

Mobile phone policy

  • What is the school’s mobile phone policy for students during the school day?

Students are allowed to have mobiles with them but must keep them off all day. If students use them in lessons, the school will:

  • The first time, issue a C1, confiscating the phone until the end of the day.
  • The second time, issue a C2 and keep the phone for 24 hours.
  • The third time (or if the student refuses to hand over the phone), issue a C3, at which point, the school will contact the parent.

Students without a mobile can ask Front of House to make a call for them in an emergency.

Snow days

  • When it snows, how do I know whether the school is open?

If the school has your mobile number, you will get a text.  The information is also posted on the homepage of the school website and on the BANES website.


  • Can my child be sure of getting on to a specific bus if it's the only one going their way?

The loading of buses is carefully managed and supervised by staff, but it is also the responsibility of your child to get to their bus on time. The school liaises with the bus companies and notifies them if there seems to be a problem with capacity. If any student were left stranded at school, the school would phone the student’s parent.


  • Can the new uniform be machine washed?

Yes, even the blazer. (Follow the instructions on the label.)

  • Is it possible to buy or sell second-hand uniform?

The school has a small amount of second-hand uniform and holds an annual sale in Term 6 when the Year 11s have finished their exams as Year 11 (and other) parents are asked to kindly donate uniform to the sale.  In an emergency situation please contact the Reception team who hold the reserves of secondhand uniform for sale.