Keeping informed about your child

About your child’s work

  • How do I know what my child is studying? (Their timetable/the topics within a particular subject)

Your child’s planner has a copy of their timetable. If you don’t have that, you can contact the Timetable Officer, Mr Smith ( or their Head of House to ask more.

How do I know when my child is taking exams or doing controlled assessments and other work that counts towards public exams?

Each student is given a copy of their own GCSE/AS/A2 exam timetable. 

The website lists all the assessments under both Calendar and Exams Office.

  • How can I track my child’s homework?

Your child should make a note in their planner of all homework and when it is due. 

How can I find out how my child is doing?

The school uses a combination of Parents' evenings and Progress reports to keep parents informed about their child’s progress.

  • Parents’ evenings are held once a year. Dates are given on the website.
  • Progress Reports are sent out three times a year, usually before Parents' evenings.

If you want to know more about your child’s progress in a particular subject, you can email their teacher (and cc the Curriculum Team Leader if you wish). Staff emails can be found online or you can email the school ( and it will be forwarded to the teacher.

About your child’s behaviour

  • How does the school’s discipline/reward system work?

The Ralph Allen Way is the school’s system for managing students’ behaviour. The school has five key expectations of students within the school and wider community. 

  • Be ready to learn.
  • Enable others to learn.
  • Treat others and the environment with respect.
  • Work to the best of your ability.
  • Fulfil your responsibilities.

You can read more about the Ralph Allen Way at:

Further information is available in a downloadable booklet, The Ralph Allen Way for Learning.

  • How can I/my child find out about their vivos?

All students have a vivo card which they can use to log in online to check their vivo.

  • What happens if my child loses their vivo card?

They should go to the Data Office to apply for a new one.

  • At what point in the discipline system does the school inform/involve me as a parent?

At C3 and C4 (and sometimes at C2) – see The Ralph Allen Way – Behaviour for Learning on the website.