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Ralph Allen School

The Garden Group meets at the Lee 6th form Centre at Ralph Allen School on the first Saturday of every month, from 10-12pm, to garden the areas surrounding the building.  We welcome anyone from the school community to join us. Since we began meeting in July 2016 we've welcomed all sorts of people from the RAS school community: parents, grandparents, students, staff and even the headteacher, coming together to weed, mulch, plant and prune. We've been really lucky that some of those who come are professional gardeners but most are not. What we share is a desire to help maintain these special green spaces which the school are so lucky to have, bringing green respite into the grounds for students, staff and visitors. We share our knowledge, and build our skills to keep the garden beds looking their best. 

There are just a handful of us at the moment, too few to realise all that we would like for these green spaces. With ideas of how we would like to further improve the area we would very much like more willing volunteers to join our friendly group. 

No experience is necessary, just a desire to lend a hand, and to meet with others connected to the school in different ways. Do come and join us, you can come as little or as often as you like, we would be so happy to meet you and together we can help to maintain these special garden spaces and make them more sustainable for the school.


Tree Planting Saturday February 26, 10:30-1:30pm

Join RAS garden volunteers, parents, students and staff on the Saturday 26 February to plant 17 new trees that have been donated to the school by The Forest of Avon Trust. We will also be planting a tree that has been donated to Ralph Allen School by BANES Council as part of the Queen's Canopy which is being planted across the UK to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee. We will need lots of volunteers to make this very special occasion easier. Planting 17 trees is quite a job! However, many hands make light work. It will be a lovely opportunity to meet other people from the school community. 

Parents who are part of the Ralph Allen volunteer garden group who meet to garden the 6th form centre garden on the first Saturday of every month have been making this all possible along with Sarah Thompson, the school business manager. We'd love lots of people from the school community to be involved in making this historic moment an even more memorable and special event. We are planning to take this opportunity to bury a time capsule to mark the occasion. Register your interest now so we can keep you informed of plans as the time gets nearer. https://www.tickettailor.com/events/gardengroup/618698


There will be tools available and refreshments for all helpers on the day. No gardening experience is required but you could bring a spade and some gardening gloves if you have them. Looking forward to seeing you there. 

Huge thanks to Mark Cassidy (BANES Tree and Woodland Manager) and The Forest of Avon of Trust for making this possible. 



The email address is RAS-GardenGroup@PalladianAcademyTrust.com

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