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Ralph Allen School

RAS Garden Volunteer Group brings together parents, staff - past and present, students, alumnae and community members in helping to maintain the beautiful Lee Centre Garden at Ralph Allen School.

The garden was created when the Lee Sixth Form Centre was built in 2012. The intention was to create a space for students to find a moment of peace and quiet during the school day, to connect with nature and for staff and the school to use as an educational resource. 

The garden is home to amazing varieties of soft fruit, plants, wildlife and wonderful imaginative planting schemes. There is a handcrafted mandala made from shells and semi-precious stones in the centre of a peaceful garden with benches for students to sit and contemplate. There are rabbits living in the hibernarium and the pond is teaming with wildlife. 

Members of Parent Circle and staff saw that the school could do with help in maintaining the garden and so in July 2016 we decided to start a volunteering group to bring the garden back to its former beauty.  The volunteer gardening sessions are a lovely way to connect with the school and meet other members of the school community - parents, staff past and present, members of the local community, students and people who were involved in the original development of the garden. 

The summer sessions are lovely as the fruit is at its best with raspberries, wine berries, gooseberries, currants - red, white, black, blackberries, so gardeners are able to harvest this lovely produce. 

The Garden Volunteer Group meet in the Lee Garden on the first Saturday of every month from 10am - 2pm.

Please come along and join in.  No gardening experience necessary. Children welcome (under your supervision). Bring a picnic and drinks.



The email address is gardengroup@ralphallenschool.com

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